OFFICIAL: C&C’s 2010’s WV Class “A” All-Decade Team

It is with great honor we present our selected Class A All-2010’s team. The selection process was as thorough and thought out as possible. This included voting done by qualifying coaches and polling done by the public. We used every snippet of stats and memoirs to make the best decision possible. However, comparing players who played at different times is never going to be 100% fool-proof so please share your opinion on who should have made the team. Enjoy!


Ross Comis

6’0″ 195 lbs

Madonna (2010-2013)

Few quarterbacks dominated the competition like Comis did for the Blue Dons. Going into his junior year, he had never won a playoff game at Madonna. However, his junior campaign was capped with a thrilling 43-42 loss to Wahama in the “A” State Title Game. This would not be his last note, however, as one year later they would cap a 14-0 regular season with a state title victory. Comis’ dual threat ability allowed him to finish his career with 9255 total yards and 121 total touchdowns. He would go onto have a memorable career at UMass.


Jaiden Smith

5’10” 205 lbs

St. Marys (2014-2017)

Few have accomplished as much as Smith did in high school. In his four years, he appeared in the semifinals every year and in the championship twice. In 2016 they won it behind his MVP efforts. Smith was a well-rounded back with breakaway speed but also great size and strength. He was an example of consistency in his time as a Blue Devil and was arguably the best back of the decade.

Dylan Lucas

5’9″ 185 lbs

Buffalo (2014-2016)

Lucas was one of the most consistent backs in the class for several seasons. With him in the backfield, Buffalo appeared in the playoffs three consecutive seasons. During his senior campaign the quick and shifty back racked up 2465 rushing yards and 36 touchdowns on pace to winning the Curt Warner Award. He finished his career with 4877 yards rushing and 70 touchdowns. He went on to play for West Virginia State University.

Hunter America

5’9″ 190 lbs

Doddridge County (2016-2019)

America’s rise to the top came during his junior season when he scored over 40 touchdowns with nearly 3,000 yards rushing. Their playoffs hopes were cut short which turned around to one of the best seasons in school history in 2019. After a memorable regular season, the Bulldogs went undefeated into the state title game where they fell short of a championship. The hard-nosed running back finished his career with 5816 rushing yards and 76 total touchdowns.

Wide Receiver

Brett Tharp

6’1″ 195 lbs

East Hardy (2014-2017)

Tharp was the star player for the Cougars during the greatest stretch in school history. This stretch included a record-breaking regular season win streak as well as two state title game appearances. Tharp was not only prolific but exceptionally consistent all the way back to being a sophomore. The athletic two-way star finished his career with 206 receptions, 3028 receiving yards, and 55 touchdowns. He was also apart of 46 wins. Tharp would go onto play for Bridgewater College.

Stephen Rogalski

6’0″ 185 lbs

Magnolia (2009-2012)

Rogalski is a rarity in which he could be placed on both the AA and A All-Decade team. In AA, he was apart of the 2010 AA State championship team which capped an undefeated season. His senior year in Class A was packed with records being broken and ultimately a semifinal appearance. The pass catching machine finished his storied career with 193 receptions, 3646 receiving yards, and 31 touchdowns. He would go on to play for West Virginia Wesleyan.

Offensive Line

Jamin Branch

6’0″ 280 lbs

Wahama (2008-2011)

Branch is notably the oldest player on the list, only spending two years in the 2010’s, however, he was one of the few players that received high acclaim from both coaches and the popular vote. Known as a game wrecker on both sides of the ball, the strong linemen appeared in the 2010 state title game and finished his career in the semifinals in 2011 going 25-2 in his last two seasons. Branch recently graduated with a Law Degree from Liberty University.

Zach Davis

6’2″ 285 lbs

St. Marys (2012-2015)

During Davis’ time for the Blue Devils, St. Marys never finished earlier than the quarterfinals. This included a 2014 one-point loss in triple overtime to Williamstown in the state championship. Davis was a demoltion machine on both sides as the strongest player on the field. He helped pave a way for one of the best rushing attacks in the state as one of the more accomplished lineman during his time. He currently plays for West Virginia University.

Liam Fultineer

6’6″ 280 lbs

Mount View (2016-2019)

Fultineer rose through the ranks out of a lowly Mount View team in the late 2010’s. His junior year, his huge frame and athleticism on both sides helped lead the Golden Knights to their first playoff appearance in over a decade. They would make it to the quarterfinals that year. His senior year, he would win Coalfields & Co. Single A Lineman of the Year in a landslide. He now is planning to play at Glenville State University.

Blake Neely

6’2″ 280 lbs

Williamstown (2014-2017)

Neely appeared in nine playoff games in his stint as a Yellowjacket. The well-sized lineman was apart of the 2014 state championship team. Neely was known for his presence on both sides of the ball which helped surmount Williamstown as a stalwart of the 2010’s Class A field. He was strong, versatile and was well-respected by bounds of coaches. He would sign and play at West Liberty University.

Hunter Jones

6’0″ 240 lbs

Midland Trail (2015-2018)

Jones was a key piece in the turnaround of Midland Trail. Apart of the renowned linemen unit called the Great Wall of Hico, Jones was an all-state trench man on both sides. Though a bit smaller than other linemen, his speed and technical ability made him a devastating blocker that paved the way for thousands of rushing yards. He was also a great defensive linemen recording over 30 sacks in his last two seasons. He would go onto play for a time at Concord University.

Offensive Utility

Mark Rucker

6’0″ 200 lbs

Tyler Consolidated (2016-2019)

Rucker was one of the most electric players the state had seen. Already much larger than his usual competition, he was also immensely more talented. He was a jack of all trades which allowed him to gain over 4,000 yards and 600+ points in his time as a Tyler runningback. His ability to run and also catch passes allowed his offenses to be one of the highest scoring in the entire state. Rucker currently has plans to follow through a PWO offer at West Virginia University.

Dalton Brindo

6’2″ 210 lbs

Wirt County (2008-2011)

Brindo narrowly qualified for the 2010’s decade but his 2010 and 2011 seasons were undeniably dominant. No other player on this list had more versatility than Brindo. A normal game could see him score as a passer, rusher, receiver, and returner. To cap his athleticism was just a huge strong frame. Before 2008, it had been 14 years since Wirt County made the playoffs. They made it every year from 2009-2012 with a 2010 semifinal appearance and Brindo leading. He would go onto play at Concord University.


Ryan Cunningham

5’10” 160 lbs

Ravenswood (2014-2017)

Ravenswood is one of the oldest programs in West Virginia. Cunningham holds practically every kicking record they have to offer. He was an incredibly consistent extra point kicker and kickoff specialist. His senior year, however, let him show off his true ability where he hit seven field goals with three coming at 40+ yards. Cunningham would earn first team all-state honors in 2017.

Defensive Line

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Trevor Hoosier

6’5″ 220 lbs

Williamstown (2014-2017)

Hoosier could be considered as one of the biggest athletic specimens in Class A football in sometime. At 6’5 and with high-level speed and explosion, he was a massive disruptor for the Yellow Jackets. His play allowed him to win a title at Williamstown and consistently be one of the best teams in the state. Hoosier’s dominant defensive line play got him an opportunity to play for West Liberty University.

Vinny Mangino

6’1″ 240 lbs

Wheeling Central (2015-2018)

Mangino began his career as one of the last all-state players at Bishop Donahue. He had great years as both a freshman and sophomore. Upon the schools closing, he went to Wheeling Central and became one of their best linemen. His strength and technical ability helped the Maroon Knights win back-to-back championships. In 2018 he was our Class “A” Lineman of the Year.

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Marquis Frazier

6’1″ 200 lbs

Greenbrier West (2011-2014)

Frazier was an interesting ball player. He wasn’t that big but had long arms, big hands, and an undeniable quick twitch. This allowed him to excel as a wrestler. On the football field, he was also dominant. The Cavaliers made it all the way to the state championship in 2013 when Frazier recorded 20+ sacks. He was truly a troublesome pass rusher.

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Kyle Ritz

6’3″ 220 lbs

Magnolia (2013-2016)

Ritz is well known for how early he dominated. Even as a freshman, his size and ability to shed blocks stood out. As he matured and continued to wreck offensive lines, he helped lead the Blue Eagles to the 2015 state championship where they would win the title game 62-0. He was consistently a leader in sacks, tackles for loss, and forced fumbles. He would go onto play for West Liberty University.


Wil Schoonover

5’11” 195 lbs

Moorefield (2012-2015)

With a championship-rich history at Moorefield, it is hard to be considered one of the greats. Schoonover did just that. As a linebacker and runningback, he led the Yellowjackets to two straight quarterfinals and then one semifinal appearance. On offense, he finished with over 5,000 yards of offense and 84 touchdowns. Defensively, he had 350+ tackles, 5 interceptions, and never allowed a passing touchdown his entire career. He would go onto sign a LOI to Glenville State University.

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Luke Jackson

5’9″ 215 lbs

Ravenswood (2015-2018)

Jackson was one of the hardest hitters Class A saw in the 2010’s. This allowed him to set plenty of records for a historically excellent program. His career statline follows as 371 tackles, 86 tackles for loss, 15 forced fumbles, 8 fumble recoveries, 2 blocked punts, 5 sacks, and 11 hurries. He truly was a head hunting stalwart at linebacker and doubled as a devastating blocker/runner on offense. Jackson currently plays for the Apprentice School in Virginia.

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Adam Murray

6’0″ 215 lbs

Wheeling Central (2016-2019)

Murray ended his high school career with potentially more awards than anyone before. During his last three seasons he collected three Huff Awards, two C&C awards, and three championships. His consistency as a tackler allowed him to record video game numbers like 500+ career tackles. The Maroon Knights secured a rare three-peat from 2017-2019 with Murray leading the defense. Murray plans to play at Baldwin-Wallace University.

Defensive Back

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JT Hensley

5’10” 185 lbs

Sherman (2015-2018)

The Tide had fallen on hard times when Hensley arrived on campus. From 2016-2018, they would appear in the playoffs three straight years (the first time in school histoy). During this stint, Hensley’s incredible athleticism and football ability saw him play a multitude of positions from kicker, punter, quarterback, runningback, wide receiver, and defensive back. Offensively, his senior year he had nearly 2,000 yards of offense and right under 30 touchdowns. Defensively, his leaping ability and closing speed was unmatched. He would go onto play for Concord University.

Curtis McGhee III

6’2″ 185 lbs

Wheeling Central (2016-2019)

McGhee III became a well-known name when, as a sophomore, he led an 11-seed Wheeling Central squad to a state title. McGhee had fantastic speed and agility. This allowed him to excel as a quarterback in which he racked up thousands of offensive yards. His defensive back play was top notch as well by covering large amounts of grass with his long frame. McGhee finished his career with three championships and one of the few 3x C&C Award winners. He is currently preparing to go to Brown University.

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Dakota Watson

5’10” 180 lbs

Williamstown (2011-2014)

Few players were as electric as Watson. Stocky and muscular, he also possessed an elite quick twitch which made him a vital defensive player and also a star quarterback. Watson is best known for leading the Yellowjackets to the 2014 state title game where they went down 20-0 in the first quarter. Through an injury, Watson willed his team to a comeback state title victory in overtime. Also a standout in other sports, Watson is forever a Williamstown and Class A great.

Malik Boatwright

5’7″ 150 lbs

Greenbrier West (2010-2013)

For four years, one of the smallest players on the field was the most deadly. Boatwright was a ball of explosion and elusiveness. This speed allowed him to excel as a running quarterback that led the Cavaliers to their second state championship appearance in school history. Also a phenomenal wrestler, he had a great tackling and coverage ability on defense which puts him among the best to do it in the 2010’s.

Defensive Utility

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Kane Roush

5’10” 180 lbs

Wahama (2010-2013)

Roush’s time as a White Falcon was more than memorable. The speedy athlete appeared in two championships, winning MVP and the title in 2012. Roush’s versatility set him apart where he was able to contribute as a runner, receiver, and solid defensive player. To prove his skill even moreso, he was the MVP of the North-South All-Star Classic against the state’s best talent. Roush would go onto play at the University of Charleston.

Trey Miller

5’10” 160 lbs

Bishop Donahue (2013-2016)

Miller is the sole representative of the storied Bishop program. In the school’s last four seasons they appeared in three playoffs and two quarterfinals. Miller was a constant on the defensive side of the ball being a technically sound cover man and run helper. His efforts were recognized as the only Class A player in the 2010’s to be awarded First Team All-State defensive back multiple times. Miller has the great honor of representing his closed school in their final decade.


Colby Brown

6’4″ 215 lbs

Cameron (2015-2018)

There was a reason people knew him as Downtown Colby Brown. Of course, he was a stellar punter and could flip the game with his foot. He was a better known quarterback where he finished with 7,000+ all-purpose yards and 99 touchdowns. He also took the Dragons to three straight playoff appearances when the team hadn’t seen the postseason since 2003. Brown was speculating to accept a walk-on opportunity at Marshall University. Colby sadly passed away this past Fall and its with heavy hearts we honor his memory and accomplishments.

Head Coach

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Mike Young

92-33 (5 State Championships)

Wheeling Central (2005-present)

There were some terrific coaches in the 2010’s from Williamstown’s Terry Smith to St. Mary’s Jodi Mote. However, five titles speaks for itself. Young won back-to-back titles to begin the decade and three straight to end it. Some of his more memorable victories came when winning the championship despite entering the postseason with a 6-4 record two different times. In 2019, Young led his team to another title despite losing his star quarterback midseason.

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