C&C’s 2020 WV Offensive Skill Big Boards


For our second off-season, we will be releasing to the public our Offensive Skill Scout Sheet. It will not include the numeric ratings seen on the same sheets seen by college coaches but will use a color-coded guide. It will not have player’s academic and contact info- which will be seen by colleges.

What’s on it?

215 organized and evaluated 2021-2024 West Virginia Quarterbacks, Runningbacks, and Wide Receivers.

Where can I see it?

You can download it by clicking the link below. It is an Excel file so it is best to viewed on a computer.

Do colleges have to pay?

No, colleges will not pay for our scout sheets. They will be sent an all-in-one scout sheet that includes further information to assist in the recruiting process.


DISCLAIMER: Players who qualified as a potential tight ends (large wide outs) or power backs (fullback) will be ranked on the Combo Big Board (notably Toby Payne, Devin Gaines, Keandre Sarver, Noah Brown, and Marshall Hobbs). Due to uneven position allocation, players with equal skill as a defensive back will be ranked on the Defensive Back Big Board (notably Donavin Davis, Jadon Hershberger, Anthony Smith, and Devin Jackson). All athlete’s positions are listed on the Scout Sheet file which is what the colleges view.

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