C&C’s 2020 Northern WV HS Coaches Clinic (RECAP)

For the very first time, we took our clinic north to complete a 2020 series of North-South events. We were lucky enough to host this event at the premier conference building in northern West Virginia: The Bridgeport Conference Center. On a clear, cold day coaches from all over the Mountain State made the drive to begin building a second event in a new in-state territory.

Assistant coach John Smith from Summers County started off the day going in-depth with the Bobcat culture. During his tenure on staff, the school has had their best stretch ever including their first playoff victory in school history. After him was newly announced Morgantown head coach Sean Biser. Coach Biser went in-depth into how his life journey had given him certain tools to allow his former Keyser program to reach such dominant heights. His talk revolved around how to not just get the most out of your players but also your coaches.

Heading in before lunch, we had one of most experienced officials in West Virginia Fred McPherson. McPherson went over the process off being a referee and the game from their perspective. He also gave insight on how he calls certain rules and plays as well as how he hopes coaches interact with his crew. This led the clinic into lunch where we set aside an hour for coaches to utilize the multiple restaurants within walking distance of the conference center.

Coming back from lunch, Jason Jackson from Ravenswood gave some knowledge on how his defenses have been takeaway machines for almost two decades. This included mentality tactics as well as actual techniques to take the ball away and even scoop and score. Following him was eight-time state champion Mike Young and how he leads the Maroon Knight culture. He then went inside their spin series which has torn up opposing defenses for over a decade.

North Marion’s Daran Hays and Morgantown’s Sean Biser went on the white board for a “Chalk War” where situations were presented to them and asked how exactly they would respond schematically. Following their dual was Midland Trail’s Frank Isaac who gave a passionate speech about how he built a culture of men. His talk hit on multiple aspects of how to positively impact young men’s lives. Wrapping up the afternoon was Daran Hays explaining how he built an innovative nutrition program for his team. It allowed all of his players to maximize their physical growth and peak training through building a community network. Finally, Wheeling Park’s Keith Phillips finished the day off with how the Patriots use different pass coverages and schemes. He built and taught off his highly experienced background as a defensive coordinator.

The 2020 Northern Clinic was a great success. Our lineup delivered completely with knockout presentations from start to finish. We also had a great audience that came from all over to help support and build this event. The Bridgeport Conference Center provided a high-quality facility to run this clinic as well. We are ecstatic with the results and are looking forward to building on it in the future!

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