2019 Team Ratings, Strength of Schedule, Offensive/Defensive Rankings (All 114 Teams)

C&C Ratings are based off a formula we have been developing for years now. It is supposed to be a metric that measures a team’s true ability opposed to focusing purely on wins and losses. It looks at margin of victory and defeat and also the quality of the opponent. It also takes into account a domination factor so teams are not limited purely from a weak schedule. It is intended to be able to measure across different years and classes and has had over a 90% successful prediction rate in the postseason. However, where it is modified slightly by year, cross-year comparisons will take time to be accurate.

Our Strength of Schedule ratings are found by taking the average CCR of each opponent (including playoffs). Additional additions or subtractions are made if teams play against “Sure Wins” or “Sure Losses”. These are measured as the five top and bottom outliers in each class based on CCR to account for singular games that can skew averages. Also, there is a slight accounting of these games being played consecutively.

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