1st Annual C&C Coaches’ Honors: 2019 WV Offensive Player of the Year

2019, while the end of a decade, will mark a newfound tradition at Coalfields & Co. The Annual C&C Coaches’ Honors. West Virginia’s first ever coach-voted statewide awards! We, like many others, have wondered who the coaches themselves deem the best players considering they’re the ones scheming for, coaching against, watching film of, and seeing in-person. Thus, we put together as fair and accurate of a system as possible to get their opinion.

The Process

We want the selection process to be very open. First, we selected 36 coaches around the state. Nine from each region (Southwest, Southeast, Northwest, Northeast). Of those nine, three are from each classification. This is to eliminate any regional or classification bias. Next, the coaches were allowed to nominate up to several players to be included on the ballot with a limit to how many of their own players they could put up.

Players receiving more than one nomination were included on the ballot. This provided 25-30 finalists for each award. The ballot was then created where it had every piece of information available to give the coaches the most accurate view possible. This including height, weight, year, team record, team finish, team offensive rank (by PPG), team defensive rank (by PAPG), strength of schedule based on both class and relative to all classes, individual statistics, and links to the player’s film.

Finally, the coaches were given several weeks (post-Super Six) to review this information and make the best pick possible. They were asked to give their 1-8 rankings for each award. Players given a first place vote were awarded 8 points, second place was awarded 7 points, and so on. These would be tallied and a winner would be named.

So, without further ado, we are ready to announce the coach’s selection for the 2019 West Virginia Offensive Player of the Year…


153 votes – Brandon Penn (QB – Parkersburg South)

149 votes – Gage Michael (QB – Fairmont Senior)

136 votes – Jarod Bowie (WR – Martinsburg)

117 votes – Elijah Banks (QB – Martinsburg)

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