Most Interesting Players and Teams in the North West Region

Photo by Scott McCloskey (The Intelligencer)

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North West Region

Our North West Region hails from the center of the state into the northern panhandle all the way over into the Parkersburg-area. Loaded with some of the most successful AAA programs ever. It also boasted the 2018 AA champ as well as both Class A title game contenders. It is a very class-diverse area with numerous teams poised to compete for a championship.

Brandon Penn

Brandon Penn made a name for himself the past seasons as a standout receiver, defensive back, and special teams star. This year, in Coach Nathan Tanner’s first season, he will make the move to quarterback. He possesses some of the best athletic measurables in the state and will join Williamstown-transfer Donathan Taylor in the backfield. A duo with tons of explosive potential.

Gage Michael

Fairmont Senior has been on a hellacious run of quarterbacks which include Kennedy Award Connor Neal and WVU standout Jake Abbott. Michael seems to be the next line moving over from a successful season as wide receiver in 2018. Michael had plenty of in-game reps, even in the postseason, and looked athletic and very capable of continuing the dominant offensive prowess of the Polar Bears.

Jeb Boice

Parkersburg Catholic had a huge turnaround in 2018. They went from a zero-win team to only one loss in the regular season. Boice was a big part of this but 2019-graduate Ty Sturm carried more of the load. Now, Boice joins a large group of seniors and will be looked to as the lone feature back for a Parkersburg Catholic team hoping to take another step.

Oak Glen

Ted Arneault had Oak Glen really moving last season. Headed by a big passing duo of Nick Chaney, quarterback, and Zach Taylor, wide receiver, the Golden Bears impressed many. Now, they return even more players from injury as well as both Chaney and Taylor. They have a solid schedule that should allow them to build a lot of momentum and get a potential shot in the postseason.

Ritchie County

Ritchie County was one of the quietest and most surprising teams of 2018. Coming from the lower depths of Class A in years past, Coach Rick Haught had them with seven wins and a few minutes away from playing in the quarterfinals. They did lose some great seniors but they return a proven back in Tre Moss and other Big Board players like Garrett Owens and Gus Morrison. It looks to be another great year.

Magnolia/Madonna/Notre Dame

The three of these teams come to mind because all of them had solid seasons in 2018. Though Madonna and Notre Dame missed the postseason, both had honorable years with plenty to look forward to. However, it’s been heard they are all suffering low-roster numbers. This is not atypical but if they are proven true it can really alter what their season have in store. It will be interesting to see how their teams unfold.

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