WV’s Most Under-Recruited 2020 Prospects

We believe that there are dozens and dozens of players in West Virginia that are under-recruited. This is especially ture in the D1-AA, D2, and D3 divisions where teams are really missing out on some elite talent. For any college coach that happens to read this, we have an organized scout sheet that includes metrics, film links, contact info, and grade info all organized in a PDF spreadsheet we are sending to colleges for FREE! Message us on social media or email us at CoalfieldsCo@gmail.com and we will send it immediately.

Player names are hyperlinked to their film!


Elijah Banks & Corbin Pierson

The lack of recruitment for our #1 and #3 quarterbacks seems odd. Between the two, both have the size to play college ball with them being easily in the 6’2″ range. Banks’ arm strength is very developed and it is noticeable in person when he is launching passes easily over 40-50 yards smoothly. He also plays in pretty modern system in a program known for developing quarterbacks. The two quarterbacks he progressed under went on to be one of the best freshmen in all of D2 (Tyson Bagent – Sheperd) and another Kennedy Award candidate (Grant Harman). All signs point to Banks having all the natural size and talents to build on for a college. Pierson is very similar too but with more of a running ability added into his game. He, too, plays in a pass-happy system and the only difference is the amount of talent surrounding him compared to other signal callers in the state. At several camps, coaches boasted over his technique and decision-making.

Corbin Pierson (Jefferson)

Wide Receivers

Jarod Bowie, Malakai Brown, & Chance Knox

These three ballers have been on the map since their sophomore seasons. All three bring very different abilities to the table and all three have legitimate high-level athleticism. Bowie and Brown will represent the same school this season but don’t expect them to be fighting over receptions because their strengths come in different places. Bowie is a speed and agility demon, straight up. He will make a catch and spin, juke, and slash for big yardage. When the ball gets in his hands, he might be the most dangerous player in the state. Brown is more of a muscle receiver that has good speed and better explosion. He runs routes with a purpose and even if he doesn’t get separation, will win the battle for the ball- a rare ability to outrun people while also strong enough to shed tackles. Showed a lot of potential as a runningback last season as well. Knox is one of the more interesting prospects in the state. It is a weekly occurrence to see him drop a sub-4.6 40 somewhere while also highlight after highlight of him getting huge separation with his tight and concise route running. Many have said perhaps he is too small but we disagree as he has good muscle development for his size. Knox also might have the most secure hands in the state too.

Chance Knox (Capital)

Tight End

Zach McCoy

McCoy is one of the quieter prospects. He is not flashy nor will he ever have a huge receiving game at the end spot. However, he has some true physical gifts in terms of size and strength. He is tall and also very mean inside the box. You will see McCoy burying linemen over and over in the dirt. It would not be surprising to see a college team take him and develop his route running and make him an elite tight end or put him on a linemen diet and have him turn into an elite tackle. Both ways, he has a ton of upside and is also being coached up by a program with a history of top level linemen.

Zach McCoy (Cabell Midland)

Offensive Linemen

Liam Fultineer & David Blanco

Fultineer and Blanco have two things in common: their size and potential. Anytime you are truly above the 6’4 range and aren’t too heavy to move, colleges tend to drool. Both have received college interests/offers but we think it still does not do the two justice. Fultineer is carrying around the Class A reputation even though he has gone out and beaten top level defensive linemen time and time again at camps. His obvious competitive drive to get better is impressive. Considering he has that perfect mix of long arms and thick hips without being immobile. Blanco is much more raw but still has a high ceiling. On both sides of the ball, you see sparks of him using his huge mass to just annihilate opposing players. He faces similar stigmas playing where Frankfort does. We would not be surprised if some big names came looking for either of the two.

David Blanco (Frankfort)

Defensive Linemen

Matt Bednarski & Bomani Brooks

Both Bednarski and Brooks are vastly different players from one another. Bednarski has most of his play style designed around his brute strength. All of his technical abilities are greatly complimented with good size and an obvious dedication to the weightroom. He plays on a vicious defense so he plays the position like someone racing to make the tackle- that translates to a dominant defensive lineman. Brooks is much more raw and has unique gifts that show up. He has a lanky frame with big hips. His movement is phenomenal- he puts up linebacker-type numbers in his test outs. Brooks did not come into his own until last season which explains his recruitment status but there is no doubt he is worth a look. Both of these linemen will have fantastic senior years, and we are excited to see more colleges pay attention.

Matt Bednarski (Martinsburg)


David Livingston

Livingston might be better known as the Timberwolf that really showed up in the 2018 state title game. At the time he was safety but since then has put on some muscle mass and even grown some perhaps. Livingston has a wide frame that has plenty to develop over the next several years. His experience playing the secondary already gives him a big-time advantage for pass coverage and playing in space. He is a test-out freak in terms of speed and leaping ability. We believe once he gets some in-game snaps inside the box, coaches will start paying attention to the high ceiling he provides.

David Livingston (Spring Valley)

Defensive Backs

Teddy Marshall, Jahiem House, & Karrington Hill

All three of these defensive backs come from different areas of the state. Marshall has been a standout at both receiver and corner since his sophomore season. His body type is comparable to the other two: tall and lanky. Marshall has the most developed football IQ going by film with him making all types of plays from closing on short routes, intercepting deep ones, and coming up and laying the wood. House can be seen doing this as well. Being a track star, he makes a lot of noise at wide receiver too. For him, his speed really is his best weapon- allowing him to play faster than his opponents which results in a huge cover radius as well violent tackles when he fills the alley. Hill is turning out to be a late bloomer but he possesses these same attributes with a level of rawness along with it. He was a standout in 1v1 during camp season, and playing on a slept on defense this season should get him some more deserving looks.

Jahiem House (Bluefield) – photo by Marcus Constantino


Jared Griffith

Griffith is well-graded kicker on Kohl’s and proved his worth last season kicking for Lewis County. His best asset is something that is more of an unteachable and that is his leg strength. Last season he knocked in a 47-yarder, the longest of anyone in the state. Most of his attempts come from that deep range which is why some other kickers have higher percentages. He also is a killer on the kickoff. Griffith was one of the few kickers that notched touchbacks nearly automatically. For anyone looking for a powerful boot, Griffith can fill that role.

Jared Griffith (Lewis County)

Other Intriguing Prospects

RB – Christian Hill (performed well in testouts and is a tough runner. Proven to be versatile as a back and catching)

RB – Mark Rucker (tall, athletic, and passes the eye test. Can also be very versatile as a runner and receiver)

WR – Preston Fox (good height and standout route running. Was always making catches.)

WR – Alex Mazelon (easily over 6’1-6’2 and was eventually known as the receiver who made insane catches. Had a breakout junior campaign)

FB – Nick Marley (transitioning from runningback and had tons of rushing yards as a junior. Extreme physical development)

OL – Jake Hutchinson (gets overlooked because right under 6’0″ but truly is a technically sound, strong, and well-leveraged interior lineman)

OL – Jackson Oxley (still developing but has definitely been in the weightroom developing his muscle to match his size)

DL – Eli Kirkendoll (legitimately over 6’3″ and has natural gifts to make use of it. Started to breakout as a junior and now should keep the progression going)

DL – Terrel Goode (very athletic and spent many seasons underneath top level players. Now should get time to prove his star ability)

LB – Ben Kee (smaller than most but is pound-for-pound strong as well very fast. Arguably the hardest hitter in the state)

LB – Charlie Pierson (slightly undersized but has a ridiculous motor as well as a great football IQ)

DB – Isaac Isabell (also slightly undersized but is very talented. Makes a lot of plays on offense, defense, and special teams)

K/P – Joseph Wells (was one of the few players that had great numbers both kicking and punting in 2018)

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