FINAL: Big Boards 3.0 & May’s Biggest Risers

Wow, what an offseason for West Virginia high school talent! Many came into January with zero offers and are now walking away with multiple opportunities to go to college for free on every level! Players remember: a college education is the important goal at hand. It can set you up for life! Do not let your ego endanger this opportunity. Of course, we want you all to go as big as possible- just keep in mind what it is all about.

We were able to attend several events throughout the off-season including big brand combines, flex day joint practices, and the best external camp/combine in the state of West Virginia- the 304 Elite. It is the only camp we will endorse in the future because no other in the state matches up. Through all these events, we were able to see hundreds of the players we had scouted through film. Most lived up to their expectations while some definitely surpassed expectations.

Before we get into our biggest risers and final Big Boards, we would like to clarify that being ranked lower than another player does not mean we think you are completely worse. There are too many variables to concretely declare one over the other (scheme, age, potential, natural talent, etc.) so please take our rankings as a rough guideline rather than us saying you are undisputedly “the number 27th kicker in the state”. Trust us, college coaches use our information loosely. If they like you, they will offer you. If they don’t, it doesn’t matter what we think.

May’s Biggest Risers

We finished our Big Boards 2.0 just in time to be able to attend multiple events see how players stacked up. Hardly any players dropped but many jumped up one or two spots. Above, we listed all the players that impressed us enough to either hop onto the board or move up drastically from their original rank. #5 FB Logan Raber of University was a player we had not paid much attention to until his film popped up for us one day. Easily one of the hardest runners and physically gifted H-back types in the state.

#8 LB Dillon Taylor (Poca) quite literally slipped through the cracks somehow. Once we saw his film, he possessed all the tangibles. A very developed players for his age. #10 DB Abel Cunningham (Hurricane) impressed at multiple events. We were unsure of his film but in person, his progression of technique and athleticism is evident. He’s tall, lengthy, and competitive. Definitely deserved to be moved up. #11 OL Devin Hill (Bridgeport) had some quiet film but he has been in the weightroom. A well-sized, barrel chested linemen that will do a lot of damage on the well-coached Indian line.

#14 LB Westan Christian (Mingo Central) had good film. A very reliable backer in the middle that gets downhill and makes the play. #16 OL Jackson Oxley (Cabell Midland) broke the uneasy feeling of not having a Scarlet Knight linemen ranked. It was well-deserved after we finally saw his film. Tall and still with a frame to fill out, he has really good fundamentals and a slight mean streak that makes him a fun linemen to watch.

Getting into the skill positions, we felt like we had these better scouted with film but plenty of players proved we had them too low. #7 QB Austin Womack (Hurricane) moved up our Big Board after back-to-back impressive performances. Good height, progressing technique, and solid arm strength. One of the better looking pocket passers in the state. #9 WR Jaimelle Claytor (St. Albans) also put on a performance multiple times. Dropped a sub-4.6 at the Hurricane’s joint practice and then was unguardable at the 304 Elite.

As listed, there was a lot of players moving up. Take a look at all the Big Boards on our Scouting Database page. We will not be making any more adjustments to this unless under extreme circumstances. If you disagree with us, that is completely fine. As we have always “You can prove us right, or prove us wrong. We will own both.”

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