2019 C&C Preseason Magazine Cover Athletes Tournament: SEMIFINALS

Last year, we released the first ever West Virginia Prep Football Insider to great success. The book sold hundreds digitally and physically. This year we plan to step up the production and quality even more. Expect tons of articles, rankings, and of course, each team’s full page preview. We had four covers last season: Hurricane, Weir, Sherman (digital) and Brenton Strange of Parkersburg (physical). Those four teams will not participate in this year’s contest in fairness to other teams. This year it won’t be so easy. We will only sport ONE cover for all editions. Since we are making it so exclusive, we need to make sure the winner is decided properly. We present to you our 2019 Preseason Magazine Cover Athletes Tournament.

How will this work?

There will be five rounds. Every Wednesday a new round will began and voters have ONE WEEK (the following Tuesday at 11:59 PM) to vote before the next round begins. The rounds: Vote-In Round, First Round (32), Second Round (16), Quarterfinals (8), Semifinals (4), Championship (2). There is already 29 qualifying teams selected (3+ Big Board prospects + 2018 playoff appearance). The Vote-In Teams qualify by having at least 2 Big Board prospects.

That means, there are THREE spots available from the Vote-In Round. The three highest voted teams will get a position as the final three seeds in the 32-team tournament. From then out, each team must defeat their opponent head on within the week to move to the next round until one true winner is named. We have placed limitations for spam voting and multiple cache polling. If you want to win, you will need to spread the word across your community to tally up the votes. We wish everyone luck and may the best fanbase come out victorious!

We plan on doing a feature article inside the magazine for the cover winner. The highest placers in the two remaining classes will also get featured articles!

Cover Tournament Magazine SALE!

With several magazines left, we are offering them up for sale for our lowest prices ever! You can get the 2019 WV Prep Football Insider (145-pages) for $12.99! That is nearly 70% off! You can also get the 2019 WV Prep Football Review (90-pages) for $8.99! That is over 50% off! Buy the last ones now here: http://www.coalfields.org/magazine


  • only vote ONCE
  • do not incline people to vote more than once
  • IP addresses that vote more than once will have their votes cancelled
  • Results will be hidden to avoid spam voting; standings will be posted daily


Doddridge County Bulldogs
Cover Athletes: Hunter America, Griffin Devericks, Cole James, Austin Kelley
Point Pleasant Big Blacks
Cover Athletes: Brady Adkins, Gabe Hall, Jacob Muncy, Nate Barth

Poca Dots
Cover Athletes: Ethan Payne, Dillon Taylor, Owen McClanahan, Matt Stone, Jay Cook
Richwood Lumberjacks
Cover Athletes: Caleb Jantuah, Jeremiah Johnston, Michael McGee

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  1. Day 5 Totals????
    We’re now finishing up Day 6 already!
    Supporters are working hard getting these
    Votes in and then have to wait for up to date
    Numbers to see how these schools are competing

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