C&C’s Scout Sheet – College Send List and Player Info NEEDED!

If you have been following us over the last several months, you know we are attempting one of our bigger projects yet. Working with college recruiting coordinators, we have put together what we hoped to be on the most useful recruiting tools West Virginia prep football has ever seen. If you read our article on why colleges should recruit West Virginia football players, you’ll know one of our biggest understandings is that it is hard to efficiently scout and see a state so spread out and embedded in rural geography compared to other state hotbeds.

Our idea for the scout sheet is to organize the state’s top talent with metrics coaches wanted. With over 350 prospects on the sheet, coaches have quick access to their name, position (secondary position), height, weight, region (ex. northern panhandle), division (ex. AAA), year, highlight film hyperlink, coach contact, player contact (if provided), GPA (if provided) and ACT/SAT (if provided). The sheet also includes a vague rating system that lightly separates elite players from definite college players from too young to tell, etc. It also includes Discovery Grades for how many offers they have received so far. We will provide this .PDF file to hundreds of recruiting coordinators across D1, D1-AA, D2, D3, NAIA, JUCO, and more. This will take place around the 1st of June!

The best part? It is FREE for players listed and the colleges receiving them.

We want to give players the next ten days to voluntarily send us needed information (phone number, GPA, and/or ACT/SAT) under their own preference. Also, we wanted to have one last chance to see more players that we potentially missed at the 304 Elite. If you (or your player/child) are interested in being included on the scout sheet, email us at CoalfieldsCo@gmail.com.

West Virginia Wesleyan head coach Tony Testa on our Scout Sheet

If we contacted you already over voluntarily-given information (phone number, GPA, test scores), if there was something you did not include, send it if you like. The players listed below are on the scout sheet but do not have the three above. If you would like us to include this information, email us or DM us on social media. There is roughly ten days left to do this.

Scout Sheet Players With Missing Info

*phone number, GPA, ACT/SAT*

Thank you!

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