Top 5 WV Specialists in AA/A for 2019

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Honorable Mention

Joey Dingledein (Grafton) 2020
Aiden Slusser (East Fairmont) 2020
Joe Starcher (Poca) 2022
Tanner Snodgrass (Ravenswood) 2020

#5 Atikilt Tamiru

School: Moorefield
Height: 5’6
Weight: 155
Year: 2021

Tamiru has garnered a statewide reputation as one of the most dependable kickers in Single A. Since his freshman year, he has been a consistent part in Moorefield’s offense. He is good for 89% of his extra points as well as nailed 5/7 field goals with a 37 long. Tamiru also has improved his punting ability as well. 2019 will be his junior campaign, and we expect another step of improvement in his kicking ability. We can see it being quite prolific.

#4 Frankie Smith

Photo by Sean McNamara (Times West Virginian)

School: Fairmont Senior
Height: 5’9
Weight: 160
Year: 2020

Smith became important for a Polar Bear team that scored early and often. Converting 97% of those extra points was crucial as well as being 3/3 from the field with a long of 30. His stats could probably be more prolific if his offense didn’t score so often. Smith’s junior year was one to remember as he became known as the incredibly efficient go-to special teams player for Fairmont Senior. Look for him to be just as consistent next year.

#3 Erick Bevil

School: Shady Spring
Height: 6’0
Weight: 195
Year: 2020

Bevil moved up to the rankings quickly through the 2019 season. He became not only a consistent extra point player but his range became incredible- hitting two field goals over 40 yards. In high school football, that is a dangerous weapon! Bevil has impressed many including Kohl’s Kicking, the authority on specialists. His senior year should be awesome with at least a handful of deep sailing kicks.

#2 Jared Griffith

School: Lewis County
Height: 5’10
Weight: 150
Year: 2020

Griffith was already on our radar for 2018. Now, his junior year has cemented him as a top specialist in the entire state. For Lewis County, he made 98% of extra points and went 4/7 for field goals including a 47-yard long. From our numbers, 47 is the longest field goal made for returning kickers. His legitimate range can explain some of his misses with the pure difficulty in the kicks he attempted. We expect him to be the best long-range kicker for 2019.

#1 Kaulin Parris

Photo by Jessica Nuzzo (Bluefield Daily Times)

School: Bluefield
Height: 6’3
Weight: 165
Year: 2020

Parris also was well-known to us for 2018. No specialist really shares his numbers. He made 97% of his extra points on a high-scoring offense. Even more impressive, he went 6/6 with a long of 43 on regular field goals. Parris has all the build and look for a fantastic kicker. He has both range as well as consistency. He has gained an offer from Virginia Tech, and we wouldn’t be surprised with several more coming.

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