Photo Donation / Wish List for the 2019 Preseason Magazine

Last year we released our first ever WV Prep Football Insider. The 145-page book was filled with tons of hard work with lists, articles, history, and most importantly, every team’s full page preview. The project was adopted on the spot in the summer so we did not have a large amount of time to plan and perfect certain aspects. We are reaching out to our followers for help and for their opinions on things wanted for our second annual magazine.

For a look at it and/or to potentially purchase, go here


If you bought our last magazine, you will realize photos were scarce. This was because 1) we did not have time to gather enough photos and 2) the crediting process would take too long for what we had. We even had a mix up with our cover. We completely understand that photographers work hard for these and now, in hindsight, we understand the process much more clearly and won’t make the same mistakes!

Saying that, we would like to include many more in-game photos for the magazine. We are asking for people from around the state to donate photos. Follow these guidelines please:

  • email the picture to
  • if you did not take the photograph, please provide the contact for who did, so we can ask
  • please only send higher quality pictures (blurriness really shows up on print)

Hopefully, we can gather enough to really make this magazine awesome. We really want to provide an increased visual production. Of course, we want to include as many pictures of different players as possible but if there is a high-ranked player on a team we would prefer to use a picture of them (obviously). Thank you!

Wish List

We would love to know through comments, emails, mentions, or private messages about some things wanted in the next magazine. We have already decided to change some smaller things such as having dates for the games instead of what game number it is. We are also going to try to have several more articles that hit on more interesting topics. Other than that, we are all ears for things to include whether type of lists, articles on a certain subject, etc. Your feedback is appreciated!

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