Top 5 WV Linebackers in AAA for 2019

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Honorable Mention

Charlie Pierson (Riverside) 2020
Ayden Bishoff (Preston) 2021
Gage Fiore (Parkersburg) 2020
Bryce Morris (Martinsburg) 2020

#5 Christian Gist

School: Capital
Height: 6’1
Weight: 210
Year: 2021

Gist slowly became a consistent defender for the semifinalist Cougars as a sophomore. His season was full of big hits and explosive tackles. He is already big for his age and very thick through his core which does allow him to make devastating take downs. The pass coverage game was a bit of learning curve but noticeable improvement was made. He has a good instinct and feel for the game. For now, as he matures into his body, we should see a big jump in his speed and stamina to accompany a ferocious style already.

#4 Sean Corum

School: Jefferson
Height: 5’11
Weight: 235
Year: 2020

Corum has flown under the radar. Jefferson still did not have a wanted season, but they did improve. Alongside two other all-state defenders, Corum really came into his own. His speed and agility is good enough, but his technique and leverage/angling throw him over the top as a really good linebacker. He plays within his hips on tackles and does a great job seeing the play and acting quickly. His size is already there so we believe he can really zone in on becoming an even better backer.

#3 Logan Spurlock

School: Capital
Height: 6’0
Weight: 215
Year: 2020

Spurlock has been making plays for Capital for two seasons now. His talent extends into special teams as both a phenomenal punter but also a gift at blocking punts as well. We appreciate his linebacker ability very much too. Accompanying Gist, Spurlock brings more of a quick-twitch slasher style to the defense. His blitz timing and finish are lethal and often cause a disruption in the blocking scheme. His athleticism also carries over in chasing down runs and guarding receivers. A very good all-around backer.

#2 David Livingston

School: Spring Valley
Height: 6’3
Weight: 210
Year: 2020

Livingston potentially could be landing the top spot when it’s all said and done. He played safety as junior and his presence increased every week all the way to an awesome performance in the state championship game. He is number two because his ceiling is so high. With his size and frame moving forward, he will probably be more of linebacker-type this season. Livingston’s body complements his explosion and legitimate athleticism. He is well-coached, will be a great coverage player being a former safety, hard-nosed, and a top linebacker in 2019.

#1 Brocton Blair

School: Huntington
Height: 6’2
Weight: 225
Year: 2020

Blair has moved up to the top spot after a high ranking as a junior. We love seeing an already recognized player continuing to work and get better instead of focusing on past recognitions. Blair holds excellent size and it appears as if he is getting better at carrying his weight. His speed and lateral movement will be key to improve. Regardless, his football IQ is top-notch. He is consistently attacking on quick reads for momentum changing tackles, and playing coverage at a high-level where he gets tough interceptions. Very little debate that he is not the #1 linebacker in the state regardless of class.

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