Top 5 WV Defensive Linemen in AA/A for 2019

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Honorable Mention

Cole Hughart (Sissonville) 2020
Michael Zias (Weir) 2020
Noah Tomblin (Bridgeport) 2020
Colton Groves (Nicholas County) 2020

#5 Eli Kirkendoll

School: Lincoln County
Height: 6’4
Weight: 225
Year: 2020

Kirkendoll rose to be the one-two punch alongside Jerrad Price as the Panthers went 8-2 in 2018. The defense was very impressive, being a sack and takeaway machine. Kirkdendoll was a big part in this. He is very raw but his brute size and length allows him to out leverage his opponents as well as disallow quarterbacks from scrambling away. He also is not afraid to hit. With some technique polishing, he could see similar success to Price as a potential state sack leader.

#4 DJ Cochran

School: Keyser
Height: 6’0
Weight: 245
Year: 2020

Cochran is part of Keyser’s talented returning line. He fits the bill. Not massive in size but understands the importance of pad height. Not being a pure run stopper, his speed allows him to get penetration into his gaps. We expect him to be slightly bigger and stronger, which should complement his already pure football ability. He will be an acclaimed two-way linemen for the Golden Tornado his senior season.

#3 Don Woodworth

School: Keyser
Height: 6’1
Weight: 240
Year: 2020

Woodworth completes the trio of top linemen for Keyser. He, like the others, is not huge in size but possesses awesome technique and a mean streak. His ability is on both sides but we truly appreciate his defensive play. Woodworth has a high motor and this wears down his opposition. He’s strong, quick, and plays to the scheme- this has allowed him to be a highly-rated defender since his sophomore season. His senior one should follow up.

#2 Dominick Owens

Photo by Tammy Shriver (WV Times)

School: Fairmont Senior
Height: 6’2
Weight: 280
Year: 2020

Owens might fall into this list as the least known. It’s easy to fall in the shadows of the Kennedy Award winner and highly recruited counterpart on the line. Don’t overlook Owens, though. On both offense and defense, he is a valuable asset. He is a sturdy-built 6’2 and hard to move. His fire off makes him a matchup nightmare for most. Owens could easily be ranked on the offensive list as well. His push on the line is instrumental for a Polar Bear repeat.

#1 Sean Martin

School: Bluefield
Height: 6’5
Weight: 225
Year: 2020

Martin popped up on our radar during the opener against Graham (VA). Quickly after, he caught the eye of WVU and since then has picked up 21 more D1 offers including Virginia Tech, UNC, NC State, and Oregon. This is because Martin has elite length and potential. Already outsizing most of his opponents, he is also faster and more tangible in his moves. He is almost unblockable for most linemen. He is still filling out and getting used to his frame. His improvement is far from done as his body matures. A top player contender regardless of class.

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