Top 5 WV Offensive Linemen in AAA for 2019

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Honorable Mention

Gabe Hendershot (Parkersburg South) 2021
Xavier Bausley (South Charleston) 2022
Jake Hutchinson (Spring Valley) 2020

TIE – #5 Marcellus Marshall

Photo by Brian McCracken (WV News)

School: Morgantown
Height: 6’5
Weight: 310
Year: 2020

Marshall had the look his junior year and over the course of the season really started playing up to his gifts. He has awesome size and this has garnered him an offer already from Marshall. His height allows him to limit a lot of defensive linemen in the way they can rush him. He is also built thicker and this benefits his driving ability in the run game. He has a huge upside and still a lot of growing into his body to do which is exciting to see. Marshall will bolster the Mohigan line and replace Pitt-signee Nick Malone as Matt Lacy’s lineman leader.

TIE – #5 Ian Pomeroy

School: Woodrow Wilson
Height: 6’3
Weight: 270
Year: 2020

Pomeroy led the way for the Eagles up front during the 2018 campaign. Well-sized and ever-improving, he was key in Woodrow Wilson improved season. Recently picking up an offer from Air Force, Pomeroy has proven his versatility across multiple offensive and defensive line positions. He has solid strength and pretty good agility. We believe he will be successful against other top linemen in the state during his senior year.

#4 Garrett Green

School: Hurricane
Height: 6’1
Weight: 275
Year: 2021

Green might be the least known player on this list, but he deserves plenty of looks. Built great for an interior position, we loved his ability to fire off the ball. The quick push he often gave in the middle of line allowed the Redskins’ run game to truly dominate at times. Their scheming should help him thrive in the passing game as well. Green now has a year of varsity under his belt, and he should make a big jump for his junior year.

#3 Terrance Pankey

School: Huntington
Height: 6’1
Weight: 275
Year: 2020

Pankey has been apart of a highly recruited line for several seasons now. After a strong class of graduates, he will be the looked to leader. Out of all linemen on this list, Pankey might be the meanest. His hips are incredibly strong and agile and his slightly shorter stature really gives him awesome leverage with powerful blocks. This is the last guy you want down blocking into your hip. Look for Pankey’s leadership being incredibly important with new faces on Billy Seals’ line.

#2 Ty Lucas

School: Martinsburg
Height: 6’3
Weight: 285
Year: 2020

Lucas’ stock rose more and more throughout the season into a peak performance for the state to see against Spring Valley’s acclaimed line. He’s a product of the weight room, great coaching, and a mean streak. He shined both on offense and defense. His IQ with trading responsibilities is very well-developed as well as his mindset to finish the job. So far, Kent State has offered him, but we expect several more with camp season approaching.

#1 Wyatt Milum

School: Spring Valley
Height: 6’7
Weight: 265
Year: 2021

Milum had a lot of curiosity around him with his arrival at Spring Valley in 2018. Initially expected to be Jacob Cassidy replacement at tight end, he had to fill in early at tackle due to injuries. Let’s just say he never lost the job and has picked up offers from Ohio State, Penn State, and Georgia (to just name a few). His ceiling is phenomenal. He possesses that pure athleticism despite being 6’7. There’s plenty of size to put on him as well. His technique and lineman mentality exponentially increased all year long and he has two years left under Spring Valley coaching.


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