Top 5 WV Offensive Linemen in AA/A for 2019

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Honorable Mention

Michael Watkins II (Bridgeport) 2020
Jamison Maynard (Wayne) 2020
Gabe Hall (Point Pleasant) 2020
Jacob Muncy (Point Pleasant) 2020

#5 Dalton Ray

School: Keyser
Height: 6’3
Weight: 260
Year: 2020

Ray has become an integral part of the Golden Tornado line. Behind Ray, Keyser surmounted a great season with both running and passing. He is well-sized already, but we can see him having the frame to add more weight. His best attribute is his hip level. Multiple times he has stalemated a defensive linemen trying to dig and drove him out. He has excellent foot drive for a linemen opening run lanes. We would like to see more of his pass blocking abilities. Regardless, Ray will be a leader on a very talented line for Keyser in the upcoming season.

#4 Brock Robey

Photo by Tammy Shriver (Times West Virginia)

School: Robert C. Byrd
Height: 6’3
Weight: 265
Year: 2020

Robey was incredibly productive on offense and defense during his junior year. He deserved more recognition than got- helping pave the way for the Ghovan Davidson, who broke the school’s rushing record. Robey is very fast and explosive out of his stance and this allows him to destroy slower opponents. He’s very low-heavy in his build which means he has even higher potential after his upper develops. Expect Robey to be one of the best lineman in the state in 2019, regardless of class.

#3 Liam Fultineer

School: Mount View
Height: 6’6
Weight: 285
Year: 2020

Fultineer busted onto the scene in 2019. Being the big man on Mount View’s best team in over a decade, he received an allure of accolades. They were deserved. The towering 6’6 junior decimated inferior linemen all season. He moves well for his height and carries his weight well. If he gets his hands on you, he is at home. His biggest curve might come in blocking speed rushers but that is the case for many tall high school linemen. Fultineer could definitely pick up some pretty high offers through camp season.

#2 David Blanco

School: Frankfort
Height: 6’4
Weight: 275
Year: 2020

Blanco was raved about and the film lived up. Besides #1, he is the most aggressive. He is a thick 6’4 and this allows him to just blister opponents onto their rear. He is a devastating run blocker. As with others, we don’t have much to gauge his pass blocking, but he appears relatively athletic for his mass. He is also quite good on defense as well. Blanco should have a successful senior campaign and plenty of free college opportunities.

#1 Zach Frazier

Photo from Times West Virginia

School: Fairmont Senior
Height: 6’3
Weight: 280
Year: 2020

Frazier was our #1 offensive linemen for AA/A going into 2018, and he somehow exceeded that expectation. The now 3x state wrestling champ and football state champion, adds to his legend with multiple D1 offers including WVU and Stanford. He is legit. No other linemen possesses his brute strength, incredible hip movement, and most of all, meanness. He was as dominant as they come and could be recruited as either an offensive or defensive linemen. Frazier will have an expected amazing senior campaign.

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