Top 5 WV Combos (TEs/FBs) in AAA for 2019

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*NOTED: Several players within our Combo group play runningback. However, we have graded their size, power, and H-Back potential to fit into more of a combo-type*

Honorable Mention

Nate Baker (Greenbrier East) 2021
Corbin Page (Huntington) 2022
Lamont Lee (Woodrow Wilson) 2020

#5 Keenan Smoot

Photo by Rick Kozlowski (The Journal – Martinsburg)

School: Hedgesville
Height: 5’10
Weight: 200
Year: 2020

Smoot was a work horse for the playoff-bound Hedgesville squad last year. He makes a big difference in the backfield as well as on defense and special teams. With Owie Ash’s running ability and Malakai Brown’s mix-in at runningback, Smoot became very versatile in offensive usage. He’s quick, downhill, and a technically sound player. Depending on his weight fluctuation, he could be considered a pure runningback. He will probably see his role increased tenfold for the Eagles now that Brown has transferred out- a large load for his senior year.

#4 Marion Lawson

School: Greenbrier East
Height: 5’11
Weight: 230
Year: 2020

Lawson was a huge part of a Greenbrier East team that made the playoffs for the first time in several years. Paired with Jaylon Battaille and Nate Baker, the Spartans had a consistent three-headed monster. Lawson was the muscle of the group. Pushing over 230, he is a thick back that requires proper tackling to avoid be dragged. His stamina seems good and that punishing running and lead blocking will last all game long. The Spartans look to build on their 2018 success with Lawson as their brutal pounder.

#3 Jakob Caudill

School: Cabell Midland
Height: 5’10
Weight: 215
Year: 2021

Caudill fits the mold for a typical Cabell Midland fullback. Not incredibly big but fast enough to truly gut a defense. He has a fearless tendency to lower his shoulder and plow for those essential yards. The Scarlet Knights must replace a career-back in Ivan Vaughn so the allocation of carries will be more diverse in 2019. We expect Caudill to pick up on this new opportunity and thrive as a quiet game changer on offense.

#2 Dustin VanSickle

Photo by Alex Kozlowski (Parkersburg News and Sentinel)

School: Wheeling Park
Height: 6’3
Weight: 240
Year: 2020

VanSickle ended up being an underrated yet vital piece of the Wheeling Park offense. Usually only a defensive game changer, he proved to be a consistent target for Alex Dunlevy as well as a useful blocker for their stable of backs. He’s big-boned and doesn’t have pure straight line speed but understands routes and is a good receiver. His size let’s him handle his own down on the line perfectly fine. The Patriots appear to have an awesome returning offense with a leading receiver-hole to fill- VanSickle could rise to this.

#1 Zach McCoy

School: Cabell Midland
Height: 6’4
Weight: 220
Year: 2020

McCoy is a stud. We aren’t sure what he is completely capable of as a receiver due to his place in the scheme, but he appears very athletic. McCoy makes his money as a blocker. Using his 6’4 frame, long arms, and bounds of hip torque, McCoy was a ferocious mauler on the frontlines. He is a true tightend with the fact he is athletic enough to require coverage but actually makes the run game stronger with him in there. We expect college coaches to begin hounding him soon through camp season.

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