Top 5 WV Combos (TEs/FBs) in AA/A for 2019

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*NOTED: Several players within our Combo group play runningback. However, we have graded their size, power, and H-Back potential to fit into more of a combo-type*

Honorable Mentions

Caden Biser (Keyser) 2021
Drae Allen (Keyser) 2021
Nick Marley (Frankfort) 2020

#5 Colten Hovermale

Photo by Alex Bennett (WV News)

School: Lincoln

Hovermale was a key tag team partner to Hunter Moore for the Lincoln offense in 2018. Though they struggled during the season, he was a bright point. He is shorter, compact, and has a good agile cutting to his ground game. He keeps his shoulders down and knows how to take a hit and roll forward to get extra yards or even break the tackle. Hovermale is the definition of an athletic fullback and his presence will be important for the Cougars in 2019.

#4 Trey Pancake

Photo by Kyle Jenkins (WV News)

School: Bridgeport
Height: 6’0
Weight: 190
Year: 2020

Pancake has spent the last few seasons paving the way for Jake Bowen as he broke the prized school rushing record. He, himself, managed to be a playmaker all the while. To contrast Bowen’s slashing runs, Pancake would lower his shoulders and plow for first downs. His legs are textbook Bridgeport strong and allows him to bust through arm tackles consistently. We expect his role to be increased with their two leading rushers departing.

#3 Carson McComas

School: Lincoln County
Height: 5’10
Weight: 205
Year: 2020

McComas flourished after arriving into Lincoln County last season. His role is more of a runningback but his style is more of a fullback. He is a good athlete and his size is hard to bring down when he gets up to speed. He is very good at knowing when to avoid tackles and when to lower his shoulder and get the last yard. For now, he will be the horse for Lincoln County his season year as the feature back enacting punishment on defenses.

#2 Marshall Hobbs

Photo by Kyle Jenkins (WV News)

School: Lewis County
Height: 5’11
Weight: 195
Year: 2021

Hobbs could have landed on the runningback list as well but his listing looks to be more geared towards fullback. He is a talented runner. His size is a good mix between strength but actual breakaway speed. His vision behind the offensive line is very developed. This allowed him to be Lewis County’s biggest weapon beside Caden Rohrbaugh in their 2018 playoff appearance. He could definitely choose to pursue either position. We can appreciate his versatility.

#1 Colt Adams

School: Wayne
Height: 6’5
Weight: 205
Year: 2021

Adams comes in as a clear cut #1 combo in AA/A. With his length, he out leverages and uses his long arms to crush defensive ends. The crazy thing is, he appears to not have grown completely into his frame yet so his potential is even higher. Matched with Gunner Harmon at quarterback, we expect to see his pass catching skill displayed. We had several glimpses in 2018 and think it will be great. Adams also could gain attention for his linebacker skill as well.

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