Top 5 AA/A Quarterbacks in WV for 2019

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Honorable Mentions

Jesse Rose (Mount View) 2021
Seth Ross (Wyoming East) 2020
Gunner Harmon (Wayne) 2020

TIE – #5 Trevor Lowe

School: Nitro
Height: 6’0
Weight: 185
Year: 2022

Lowe introduced himself to AA in 2018. As a true freshman, he was the starting quarterback for new head coach Zach Davis. Partnered up with Zhantei Calloway, Nitro had a season that surprised many. Lowe already has good length and is still growing. He is mobile, which gives him room to roll out and hit passes with accuracy. He also has the advanced ability on making pre-snap reads and knowing where to go quickly. The Wildcats return a lot, and Lowe will be their leader into the future.

TIE – #5 Xavier Lopez

Photo by Wesley Menear (WV News)

School: Robert C. Byrd
Height: 6’2
Weight: 165
Year: 2021

Lopez got several honors after his sophomore season, but he still stood in the shadow of Ghovan Davidson’s insane rushing performances. He will still be teamed with Jeremiah King for an explosive RCB offense. On this list, Lopez might have the smoothest arm whip when passing. His height gives him a lot of slinging potential that he made use of with deep throws in Josh Gorrell’s offense. As he becomes a junior, his next step is more worked passes- that will show what his ceiling is. For now, he is a promising star.

#4 Nick Vance

School: Winfield
Height: 6’0
Weight: 170
Year: 2020

Vance has an incredibly high breakout potential for his senior season. 2018 was his first at quarterback and also a year battling an injury. He capped off the season with a school record passing performance against Mingo Central. Vance is a skilled runner with slasher ability, but he also has a playmaking touch on his passes. The lefty can sit and pick or roll and hit broken coverages. He will be a staple in Craig Snyder’s attempt to get back in the playoffs.

#3 Daylin Goad

Photo by Wes Wilson

School: Mingo Central
Height: 6’2
Weight: 215
Year: 2021

Goad was the horse that proved many naysayers, including us, wrong on how good the Miners would be in 2018. On an explosive offense under rookie head coach, Josh Sammons, Goad led the state in yards and touchdowns (56). He is a big player with deceptive speed that can make teams pay for dropping back too many into coverage. Goad muscles the ball, which kept him from forcing passes and using the Hatfield brothers wisely. With them gone to Logan, he will be returning motor in this engine.

#2 Sebastian Spencer

Photo by Michael D. McElwain (Herald-Star)

School: Weir
Height: 5’10
Weight: 160
Year: 2020

Spencer was the Swiss Army knife of Weir’s offense that got all the way to the AA semifinals. Being the step-in quarterback dependent on Tyler Komorowski’s health, he did a stellar job. He could be ranked as both a quarterback and wide receiver. The track star has legit speed and elite cutting ability. His passing falls much behind running but still capable of playmaking due to the attention paid to his scrambling ability. The Red Rider offense will look much different this year but Spencer will be the familiar face.

#1 Curtis McGhee III

Photo by Alex Kozlowski (Wheeling Intelligencer)

School: Wheeling Central
Height: 6’2
Weight: 185
Year: 2020

McGhee could finish up his career as one of the most prolific and accomplished players in Single A history, after two straight titles. Wheeling Central was dominant in 2018, as expected, but suffered a rough patch and their only loss when he went down with an injury. Upon his return, he filled the stat sheet for an impressive playoff run. McGhee matches the athleticism of others on this list and also matches the needed QB qualities with good technique and reads. He is the Maroon Knights, especially with loss of a great senior class, as they strive for a three-peat.

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