Top 5 AA/A Wide Receivers in WV for 2019

Photo by Andrew Grimm (Weirton Daily Times)
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Honorable Mention

Isaiah Valentine (Shady Spring) 2021
Devin Hatfield (Logan) 2022
Toby Payne (Poca) 2022

#5 Zach Taylor

Photo by Andrew Grimm (Weirton Daily Times)

School: Oak Glen
Height: 6’3
Weight: 185
Year: 2020

Taylor’s junior year was a breakout one. In the Golden Bears newly installed air raid system, he became the go-to guy for quarterback Nick Chaney. Oak Glen had a much improved outing in 2018 compared to previous seasons and Taylor had much to do with it. He possesses very good length standing around the 6’2 range. Though he doesn’t come across as a burner, his length allows him to get behind coverages. His hands seemed to be noteworthy as well as his ability to be the target in red zone situations allowed him a lot of touchdown receptions. If Oak Glen can build on their success of last year, we could expect another fantastic year out of Taylor.

#4 Marqus Ray

School: Mount View
Height: 5’9
Weight: 160
Year: 2020

Ray was expected to have a great junior year and that he did. In an offensive-friendly system with a promising young Jesse Rose at quarterback, Ray became the big playmaker on the outside that helped Mount View to their best season in over a decade. Though he is not the largest, he is very quick twitched and has great playmaking ability. Many times in 2018 when the Golden Knights slowed up, they went to Ray for a big play. He perhaps stepped up his game the most in the postseason. In 2019, Mount View did lose their head coach, Larry Thompson, but they return a promising senior class that should allow Ray to have one last memorable season.

#3 Camden Longwell

Photo by William Wotring (The Dominion Post & WV Metro News)

School: Fairmont Senior
Height: 5’8
Weight: 150
Year: 2020

Longwell is one of the more forgotten players on the 2018 season. On an offense that included the Kennedy Award winner, a stable of backs, and numerous receivers- he could be overlooked. His quick and nifty route running and sure hands had him as one of Connor Neal’s more trusty targets especially when it came to scoring. The two other core receivers depart, and rumors are that other receiver, Gage Michael, looks to be the replacement to Neal. This puts Longwell as the centerpiece of Nick Bartic’s passing game and a Polar Bear tradition of great receivers. We expect a solid performance out of him in 2019.

#2 Luke LeRose

School: Nicholas County
Height: 6’0
Weight: 170
Year: 2020

Nicholas County’s undefeated regular season and quarterfinal appearance gave much attention to Jared Sagraves and Jacob O’Dell, deservingly so. However, Luke LeRose cannot be left out of the credit. Statistically, he was one of the most productive pass catchers in all three major stats. His advantage comes in his ability to play inside and out. His height allows his athleticism to dominate deep or short choppy routes. He possesses a high explosion level that is uncommon especially in AA. The Grizzlies will attempt to recreate their magic of 2018- LeRose will be their star player in this try.

#1 Drew Hatfield

Photo by Jarrid McCormick (Williamson Daily News)

School: Logan
Height: 6’0
Weight: 180
Year: 2020

If you hadn’t heard of Drew Hatfield by now then you haven’t been paying attention. It seems as if he has been around forever going back to his freshman campaign capped off by a state title performance for the books. After three consecutive first-team selections, he has asserted himself as the best receiver in Mingo Central history. However, he currently attends Logan as he transferred to play basketball. Either way, Hatfield has legitimate straight line speed and the ability to stop on a dime. His size is great too. He is the most talented wide out in AA/A with the ability to run the ball as well be a force on special teams. Wherever he plays in 2019, he will be cap off a stellar career.

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  1. Gentlemen,

    Many of the Cardinal Conference coaches have shared John Covert’s name (from Winfield) as a top back and linebacker. I invite you do further discovery.

    A rising junior, he’s already being encouraged to go to college camps. Compare his performance against some of the players on your list in one-on-one games. Respectfully, I am his mother, but I’ve grown up with football. As the coach from Wayne said, “He’s the real deal.”

    He subbed for the QB for several games, and was averaging over 20 carries/game—-as well as leading in tackles. I’m sure you get challenged frequently, and that is not my intent. You’re a coaching family too—-please just watch the film.

    I welcome your opinion!

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