Kennedy Watch (Playoffs)

So we have reached playoff time and many predictions have came true while many have not.  New faces have risen, including several unexpected Kennedy Award finalists (by our judgement), heading into the postseason.  It seems as if we will have a highly controversial winner if it all plays out as assumed with the debate being between whether or not a statistically excellent Single A or Double A player should outrank the most impactful player on the best AAA teams in the state.  Here’s a look out our list of finalists who have a shot at winning the coveted award almost completely up to how they perform in the playoffs.

Hunter America (RB / Doddridge County)

Jake Bowen (RB / Bridgeport)

Jarod Bowie (WR-DB / Martinsburg)

Malakai Brown (WR / Hedgesville)

Owen Chafin (RB / Spring Valley)

Ghovan Davidson (RB / Robert C. Byrd)

Daylin Goad (QB / Mingo Central)

Jake Johnson (QB / Parkersburg)

Grant Harman (QB-DB / Martinsburg)

Blake Hartman (RB-DB / Musselman)

Drew Hatfield (WR / Mingo Central)

Kerry Martin Jr. (QB-DB / Capital)

Curtis McGhee III (QB / Wheeling Central)

Graeson Malashevich (ATH / Spring Valley)

Connor Neal (QB / Fairmont Senior)

Brenton Strange (WR-DB / Parkersburg)

Cason Payne (QB / Point Pleasant)

Ty Sturm (RB / Parkersburg Catholic)

Ivan Vaughn (RB / Cabell Midland)

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