Kennedy Watch Update (Week Ten)

Gathering Attention

Kerry Martin Jr. (QB) Capital

Brenton Strange (WR) Parkersburg

Will Hackney (QB) Sissonville


#5 Graeson Malashevich

SpringValleyTimberwolvesMalashevich was having a solid game against Point Pleasant but had to leave early due to an injury.  He is still very much in the race and only drops because of the other candidate’s great performances.  His money making season will come after their BYE week once the playoffs begin.



#4 Hunter America

DoddridgeCountyBulldogsAmerica had one of his best performances to date.  He rushed for over 300 yards against the #3 team in A.  He was handed the rock over 40 times and was the key factor in the Bulldogs coming away with the victory.  Honestly, it is a longshot for a Single A to win it but with some crazy playoff performances and a potential toppling of Wheeling Central and who knows.



#3 Daylin Goad

MingoCentralMinersGoad went off for the third week in a row with six touchdowns against Chapmanville.  His numbers are unmatched scoring-wise against the entire state and it seems as if the offense is all coming together at the perfect time.  With the realization of how good Point Pleasant and Poca (their only losses) were, the Miners seem to be legit contender for the title.



#2 Grant Harman

Harman continues to impress.  The leader of the best team in the state and had a stellar game against an undefeated Musselman team that included several offensive scores and big defensive plays including an early interception.  If Harman isn’t in your conversation for the best player in the state- we don’t know what you’re looking at.




#1 Connor Neal

FairmontSeniorPolarBearsNeal had a BYE week this week.  He will continue to be the frontrunner for the Kennedy.  His numbers lead the state, and he is also shockingly efficient at the same time.  Of course, what he does in the playoffs is what will truly be the tell of if he will win it.  For now, though, it is still his to lose.

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