Week Eight Fight Card


(Out of 90)

66 – Writer Out of Ink
65 – Shotgun Writer
63 – Writer2
63 – Third Writer
61 – Wide Writer
60 – El Writer




Valley (Fayette) at Buffalo

Neither Valley’s or Buffalo’s season has went as planned.  Both are winless coming into week eight.  After many blowouts, Buffalo had their closest game of the year with a five-point loss to Tug Valley.  Valley’s closest game came by a 27-point deficit to Clay County.  Both programs are definitely in rebuilding modes, and a win for morale could be pivotal.  Who will pick up their first victory?

El Writer (Buffalo)
Writer2 (Buffalo)
Third Writer (Buffalo)
Wide Writer (Buffalo)
Shotgun Writer (Valley)
Writer OOI (Valley)

C&C Prediction: Buffalo (28) Valley (3)


North Marion at Lewis County

Both schools here have only lost to top six AA programs.  North Marion has found a consistent running star with Desmond Fluarty.  His ground game will be completely necessary to counteract the ground game of Marshall Hobbs behind the towering Minutmen line.  Theoretically, whoever loses this game is most likely eliminated from playoff contention so everything will be in the line in Weston.

El Writer (North Marion)
Writer2 (Lewis County
Third Writer (Lewis County)
Wide Writer (North Marion)
Shotgun Writer (North Marion)
Writer OOI (Lewis County)

C&C Prediction: North Marion (24) Lewis County (21)



Chapmanville at #8 Wayne

After 0-2 starts for both Cardinal Conference teams, four straight wins followed.  Wayne has been led offensively and defensively by well-known star Michael Bartram.  Chapmanville has relied on a barrage of players including a deep stable of senior runningbacks.  Chapmanville’s schedule is more forgiving through the back half so if they can pull this one, they could be sitting in phenomenal shape.

El Writer (Chapmanville)
Writer2 (Wayne)
Third Writer (Chapmanville)
Wide Writer (Wayne)
Shotgun Writer (Wayne)
Writer OOI (Wayne)

C&C Prediction: Wayne (24) Chapmanville (8)


Man at Wyoming East

Both of these schools have had honorable season this far after lackluster seasons a year before.  Man, who is a defensive-based unit, is led by Nick Plumley, who is tied for second in the state for sacks.  They have played almost every school on their schedule tough.  Wyoming East, led by senior runningback Caleb Bower, had close games with Fayetteville and Oak Hill- which could have their year looking completely different.  Don’t doubt the talent on this field.

El Writer (Wyoming East)
Writer2 (Wyoming East)
Third Writer (Man)
Wide Writer (Man)
Shotgun Writer (Wyoming East)
Writer OOI (Wyoming East)

C&C Prediction: Wyoming East (26) Man (16)




Ripley at Greenbrier East

Though many have criticized the Vikings’ and Spartans’ strength of schedule, regardless, both schools come into this matchup 5-1 or 4-2.  They both can control their fates to a potential home field in the playoffs.  Ripley possesses a hard runner with RJ Evans and line setter Caydan Keeler.  Greenbrier East relies on a stern defense to keep them in games.  Who is more legit?

El Writer (Ripley)
Writer2 (Ripley)
Third Writer (Ripley)
Wide Writer (Greenbrier East)
Shotgun Writer (Ripley)
Writer OOI (Greenbrier East)

C&C Prediction: Ripley (38) Greenbrier East (10)



#6 Cameron at Clay-Battelle

Clay-Battelle has had an odd road thus far.  With surprising losses to Meadow Bridge and Tygarts Valley, they have won everything else.  They will need to call for their best game as they take on the undefeated Dragons.  This Cameron team is loaded with stars including the Ritchea brothers on offense, dual threat QB Aiden Lucy, and state-leading picker Noah Neely.  Will Cameron continue to roll?

El Writer (Cameron)
Writer2 (Cameron)
Third Writer (Clay-Battelle)
Wide Writer (Cameron)
Shotgun Writer (Cameron)
Writer OOI (Cameron)

C&C Prediciction: Cameron (49) Clay-Battelle (7)


Shady Spring at Oak Hill

Both of these squads are winless except for bouts with Nicholas County.  The Tigers played much closer but have had to edit their offense slightly.  Haven Chapmanville has risen as a reliable offensive weapon as well as Erick Bevil on special teams who is third in the state with five field goals made.  Oak Hill is led by Khori Bass and breakout star Abe Farrow who racks up big yards on the ground and receiving.  This should be an interesting match up.

El Writer (Shady Spring)
Writer2 (Shady Spring)
Third Writer (Shady Spring)
Wide Writer (Shady Spring)
Shotgun Writer (Oak Hill)
Writer OOI (Oak Hill)

C&C Prediction: Shady Spring (29) Oak Hill (26)



Morgantown at Parkersburg South

Morgantown is limping down to Parkersburg after a stunning 31-0 loss to Wheeling Park.  Plagued by turnovers and missed opportunities, the Mohigans need this one badly.  Parkersburg South has impressed on several occasions behind the running of Nick Yoho and passing of Brayden Mooney.  The Patriots have a perfect chance this week to take advantage of low morale team.

El Writer (Morgantown)
Writer2 (Parkersburg South)
Third Writer (Morgantown)
Wide Writer (Morgantown)
Shotgun Writer (Morgantown)
Writer OOI (Morgantown)

C&C Prediction: Morgantown (28) Parkersburg South (14)




#8 Hedgesville at #1 Martinsburg

Hedgesville’s defense played very well last week in a tough battle against Musselman.  Their offensive trio of Owie Ash, N’iyjere Smith, and Malakai Brown never got quite going, however.  It will need to be here in full effect to take on a dominating Bulldog team that has not been challenged by an in-state team in quite some time.  The odds weigh heavily for the host in this one.

El Writer (Martinsburg)
Writer2 (Martinsburg)
Third Writer (Martinsburg)
Wide Writer (Martinsburg)
Shotgun Writer (Martinsburg)
Writer OOI (Martinsburg)

C&C Prediction: Martinsburg (63) Hedgesville (14)



#6 Parkersburg at #9 Hurricane

Regardless of records, we can all agree Hurricane and Parkersburg are good football teams.  Since the return of Brenton Strange, the Big Reds have been a brand new ball club.  Jake Johnson and Tyler Moler are coming off back-to-back record breaking performances and the defense has been ballhawks.  The Redskins, after adjusting to early injuries, have come along behind the legs of Christian Hill.  This one is important for both.  A potential playoff clincher for the Big Reds.

El Writer (Parkersburg)
Writer2 (Parkersburg)
Third Writer (Parkersburg)
Wide Writer (Parkersburg)
Shotgun Writer (Parkersburg)
Writer OOI (Hurricane)

C&C Prediction: Parkersburg (31) Hurricane (21)



Petersburg at Frankfort

Two of the more intriguing teams in the AA field.  Both only have one loss- one to out-of-state and Petersburg’s 10-point loss to Weir.  Frankfort lives off two big RB’s: Nick Marley and Dalton Pollock.  Petersburg comes in with a more balanced offense with the arm of Jacob Hartman and a deep stable of backs.  With both looking for their first playoff appearance in quite sometime, this one is a big deal.

El Writer (Petersburg)
Writer2 (Petersburg)
Third Writer (Petersburg)
Wide Writer (Petersburg)
Shotgun Writer (Petersburg)
Writer OOI (Petersburg)

C&C Prediction: Petersburg (35) Frankfort (14)


#5 Musselman at #7 Wheeling Park

Between this two teams there is only loss.  Between both their games against top ten teams last week they gave up a combined seven points (Wheeling Park shutout).  Blake Hartman has proven to be every bit as good as we thought, but he will take on a high flying Wheeling Park defense that has had a chip on their shoulder since Parkersburg.  Alex Dunlevy has improved his passing immensely every week to facilitate a several capable runningbacks in their offense.  This should be an incredibly intense matchup.

El Writer (Musselman)
Writer2 (Wheeling Park)
Third Writer (Musselman)
Wide Writer (Wheeling Park)
Shotgun Writer (Musselman)
Writer OOI (Musselman)

C&C Prediction: Musselman (20) Wheeling Park (14)




#3 Huntington at #4 Capital

A big-time matchup will take place in Charleston.  The Cougars, who have only lost close to Spring Valley, will host an undefeated Highlander team with several impressive wins under their belt.  Huntington has been beaten up including their star RB and some key linemen, however, Billy Seals has done a great job putting new athletes in positions to succeed.  They will need to play a textbook Huntington game against a very versatile Cougar offense, defense, and special teams.  Besides Kerry Martin Jr., look for Chance Knox and Breece Hoff to potential game changers in this top four matchup.

El Writer (Capital)
Writer2 (Capital)
Third Writer (Huntington)
Wide Writer (Capital)
Shotgun Writer (Capital)
Writer OOI (Capital)

C&C Prediction: Capital (27) Huntington (16)

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