Kennedy Watch Update (Week Seven)

Gathering Attention

Malakai Brown (WR) Hedgesville

Grant Harman (QB/DB) Martinsburg

Hunter America (RB) Doddridge County



#5 Ty Sturm


At the moment, Sturm seems to be the hottest Single A right next to Hunter America.  In a dominant win over Calhoun County, Sturm tallied 314 and three more scores.  His recent numbers have been unrivaled the past few weeks.  He will begin taking on some higher level Single A’s and if he can perform as he has so far, his name could continue to right beside America’s for the role of the prolific Single A runner.



#4 Kerry Martin Jr.

CapitalCougarsMartin Jr. had a bye week this past Friday.  Coming off their first loss of the year, they will have several more good chances in the regular season to jump back up.  However, with the large amount of prolific stat players operating across AA and A, it most likely will come down to his playoff run and final performances.



#3 Graeson Malashevich


Malashevich jumped on the list after being most important player in the Capital and Spring Valley battle.  With the spotlight increasing on him every week, he delivered in a partial game while blowing out Riverside.  He had a punt return TD early and catch.  Malashevich will not have the prolific numbers as other contenders but his playoff performance could have him be a Charles Woodson-esque contender for the award.



#2 Will Hackney


Hackney also had a bye this last Friday.  He has a very good candidate schedule remaining with statement games against Winfield and Wayne, and will most likely outmatch Nitro and Braxton County.  It will be interesting and as long as Neal is playing like he is, it will be hard for him to jump him.  However, playoffs will be a tell-tale.



#1 Connor Neal


What do you get from the leading Kennedy candidate against the #7 team in the state?  A few incompletions, over 250 yards, and four touchdowns.  Their final three games will come against expected easy wins, so he will be walking into the playoffs with crazy numbers and 10-0.  Right now, it is his to lose still.

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