Week Six Fight Card

Writer’s Standings

(Out of 64)

50 – Writer2
47 – Shotgun Writer
47 – Writer Out of Ink
45 – El Writer
45 – Third Writer
45 – Wide Writer



Valley (Fayette) at Meadow Bridge

There are a lot of similarities between these two squads.  Both face some of the lowest enrollment numbers in their school history which has consolidation looming over their heads.  However, this age old rivalry gets played at least one more time.  Valley (Fayette) has started out winless under some new faces at important skill positions.  Their five losses have to came to teams with a combined loss total of three!  Meadow Bridge, behind two-way horse Caleb Richmond, has fell to similarily tough opponents and even pulled a 14-0 win over Clay-Battelle.  An age old classic.

El Writer (Meadow Bridge)
Writer2 (Meadow Bridge)
Third Writer (Meadow Bridge)
Wide Writer (Valley)
Shotgun Writer (Meadow Bridge)
Writer OOI (Meadow Bridge)

C&C Prediction: Meadow Bridge (19) Valley (9)


(A) Moorefield at Berkeley Springs

Moorefield definitely had the breakage of their lengthy losing streak coming.  This small but hard hitting team led by Matt Jenkins and all-state kicker Atikilt Tamiru finally broke the barrier in big fashion in Week Four getting their first win in years.  Now, they take on a struggling AA program that has not won under a freshly hired head coach.  With two out-of-states, Frankfort, Petersburg, and Keyser- the Indians road so far has not been easy.  Who comes out on top in this battle of attempted turnarounds?

El Writer (Berkeley Springs)
Writer2 (Berkeley Springs)
Third Writer (Moorefield)
Wide Writer (Berkeley Springs)
Shotgun Writer (Moorefield)
Writer OOI (Berkeley Springs)

C&C Prediction: Berkeley Springs (21) Moorefield (7)



Lincoln at East Fairmont

Lincoln escaped with a 3-0 win to start the year against Braxton County.  Since then, they have been outscored 119-12.  Obviously struggling to replace their star QB of years’ past, they have leaned on RB/LB Hunter Moore.  He will be vital as they take on an equally struggling East Fairmont.  The Bees held close in their first two games with Elkins and Grafton but no such fate for Bridgeport and North Marion.  For both, this is the more even of matchups they will face this year and important potential win.

El Writer (Lincoln)
Writer2 (Lincoln)
Third Writer (Lincoln)
Wide Writer (East Fairmont)
Shotgun Writer (Lincoln)
Writer OOI (East Fairmont)

C&C Prediction: Lincoln (13) East Fairmont (0)



Nitro at Logan

Neither of these teams is having the year they wanted but also there have been plenty of positives behind both coming under new head coaches.  Nitro has held their own with several including a close loss to AAA St. Albans and even a big win over Herbert Hoover.  Logan’s lone win comes to Single A Man, however, they have put up 30+ points back-to-back weeks against Poca and Winfield.  Both rely on star athletes: Zhantei Calloway for Nitro and Chucky Felder for Logan.

El Writer (Nitro)
Writer2 (Logan)
Third Writer (Logan)
Wide Writer (Logan)
Shotgun Writer (Logan)
Writer OOI (Logan)

C&C Prediction: Logan (55) Nitro (35)





#5 Wheeling Park at Parkersburg

Nothing is better than two traditional big dogs going at it.  This produced a big win last year and now, it has the potential to do the same.  Parkersburg, who has losses all from top ten teams, needs a win and a win badly.  Wheeling Park has rolled this year behind the ground game of Alex Dunlevy and Kenya Robinson.  Their stellar defense will need to be as tough as usual to slowdown all-state back Tyler Moler and ever-improving QB Jake Johnson who has found a better rhythm thanks to the return of Brenton Strange.  We’re excited for this one.

El Writer (Parkersburg)
Writer2 (Wheeling Park)
Third Writer (Parkersburg)
Wide Writer (Wheeling Park)
Shotgun Writer (Wheeling Park)
Writer OOI (Wheeling Park)

C&C Prediction: Wheeling Park (38) Parkersburg (28)



Lewis County at Robert C. Byrd

What do Lewis County and Robert C. Byrd have in common?  Several things actually.  Both have only lost to powerhouses Fairmont Senior and Bridgeport.  Both have huge linemen up front.  Both have experienced quarterbacks with all-state runningbacks.  And both need this win desperately in terms of quality points.  AA is a menace to reach the postseason so you bet your tail this one matters.  Will Robert C. Byrd shake the hangover of a bruising and heartbreaking Week Five loss?

El Writer (Robert C. Byrd)
Writer2 (Robert C. Byrd)
Third Writer (Robert C. Byrd)
Wide Writer (Robert C. Byrd)
Shotgun Writer (Robert C. Byrd)
Writer OOI (Robert C. Byrd)

C&C Prediction: Robert C. Byrd (44) Lewis County (13)


#6 Sherman at Fayetteville

One loss between both of these.  Both were shutouts against top tier Single A’s.  Though everyone has bragged on Sherman’s big line, the Pirates defense has handled everyone’s offense quite well.  JT Hensley of the Tide has been phenomenal with his feet this season but not up to the amount of Jordan Dempsey.  For both Single A’s looking for the ever important home field advantage in the playoffs, this is the game to scoop plentiful points.

El Writer (Sherman)
Writer2 (Fayetteville)
Third Writer (Fayetteville)
Wide Writer (Fayetteville)
Shotgun Writer (Sherman)
Writer OOI (Sherman)

C&C Prediction: Fayetteville (30) Sherman (27)



Linsly (WV) at #1 Wheeling Central

One week after squaring up with AAA Morgantown, Linsly Prep based out of Wheeling now takes on Wheeling Central.  The Cadets got the better of the Maroon Knights in 2017 and now the favor looks to be returned.  Wheeling Central, led by reigning Huff Award winner Adam Murray, has given up seven points all season.  Co-op’ing with a dynamic offense including Curtis McGhee III and Braden Price- Linsly will have their hands full after an overtime loss a week prior.

El Writer (Linsly)
Writer2 (Linsly)
Third Writer (Wheeling Central)
Wide Writer (Wheeling Central)
Shotgun Writer (Wheeling Central)
Writer OOI (Wheeling Central)

C&C Prediction: Wheeling Central (14) Linsly (10)





#9 Tucker County at Pendleton County

Tucker County reaches the midway point undefeated and #2 in the SSAC Ratings.  How legitimate are they?  Their biggest win to date seems to be their opener over Pocahontas County.  A strong run game and statistically sound defense is what leads this bunch.  Sound they must be taking on the aerial duo of Kole Puffenberger and Timothy Thorne.  This Wildcat squad has fallen twice- once out-of-state and once close to one-loss AA Petersburg.  This can be the point pile Pendleton needs or just another message to the state by Tucker County.

El Writer (Tucker County)
Writer2 (Pendleton County)
Third Writer (Tucker County)
Wide Writer (Pendleton County)
Shotgun Writer (Tucker County)
Writer OOI (Pendleton County)

C&C Prediction: Pendleton County (49) Tucker County (28)



#6 Musselman at #9 Morgantown

Both these top ten programs saw big wins in Week Five.  Musselman ran away from Princeton behind a five-score day by Blake Hartman whereas the Mohigans pulled away an overtime win over Linsly Prep.  Dual-threat QBs, big offensive lines, speedy backs and slots, and a lot of points are on the line.  This annual matchup is usual very unpredictable, and we expect something wild to perhaps happen again.  We’re interested to see which team shows up.

El Writer (Morgantown)
Writer2 (Morgantown)
Third Writer (Morgantown)
Wide Writer (Morgantown)
Shotgun Writer (Musselman)
Writer OOI (Musselman)

C&C Prediction: Morgantown (35) Musselman (13)



George Washington at #7 Hurricane

Hurricane finds themselves in a better position than George Washington thanks to a dominant win over Cabell Midland.  Neither team has fallen to a program that isn’t top five quality, and now the two will clash.  The Redskins defense has slowed up mostly everyone with the exception of Capital.  Few have slowed Grant Wells and his dual threat scoring ability.  This one could be the difference between a 7th seed and a 14th seed.

El Writer (Hurricane)
Writer2 (Hurricane)
Third Writer (Hurricane)
Wide Writer (George Washington)
Shotgun Writer (Hurricane)
Writer OOI (Hurricane)

C&C Prediction: Hurricane (29) George Washington (22)



#5 Poca at #9 Sissonville

Few outside of Poca High School would have the Dots walking into Sissonville undefeated.  After a very impressive runaway win over Mingo Central, they must take on another high-flying offense that has Will Hackney and Mayson Miller.  The Dots have two big names too: Bronson Skeens and Ethan Payne.  We expect yet another Cardinal shootout with the winner making a statement within the rankings.

El Writer (Poca)
Writer2 (Sissonville)
Third Writer (Poca)
Wide Writer (Poca)
Shotgun Writer (Poca)
Writer OOI (Poca)

C&C Prediction: Poca (54) Sissonville (41)





#2 Spring Valley at #3 Capital

Well, it’s here folks.  Our first rendition of the king of the MSAC and who will appear to be the biggest threat to the king up in the north.  Capital has played closer than wanted with several teams but have impressed nonetheless with their ability to make plays in any facet of the game.  That flexibility will be needed for the top-tier offensive line of the Timberwolves and relentless ground game.  However, behind their two-QB system, they seemed to have found a passing game as well.  Who knows how this one goes.

El Writer (Spring Valley)
Writer2 (Spring Valley)
Third Writer (Spring Valley)
Wide Writer (Capital)
Shotgun Writer (Capital)
Writer OOI (Spring Valley)

C&C Prediction: Spring Valley (42) Capital (21)

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