Kennedy Watch Update (Week Five)

Gathering Attention

Ivan Vaughn (RB) Cabell Midland

Cason Payne (QB) Point Pleasant

Daylin Goad (QB) Mingo Central

Graeson Malashevich (ATH) Spring Valley

Ty Wilcoxon (RB) Huntington



#5 Malakai Brown


Brown continues to impress.  The prolific receiver once again broke 150 yards and caught two scores.  His tallies are among the top of any class.  He now faces some tough receiving competition with Evan Parow who is beating him in every category.  Having another receiver up there will hurt his Kennedy candidacy, but he is, without a doubt, having a fabulous year thus year.



#4 Hunter America


With 800 yards and 15 touchdowns in his first three games, America came back after a bye week with 300+ yards and five scores.  To have a shot in Single A, the numbers must be insane.  Right now, America is on pace for 2750+ yards and 50 touchdowns!  With numbers like that, it would be hard to keep him out of the Kennedy conversation.



#3 Will Hackney


Coming off a tough loss where Hackney played his tail off, he led the Indians to their fourth win behind five touchdowns.  He now has 26 on the season through five games (21 pass, 5 rush).  If he continues with these numbers as well as winning, his name will have to be included as we go forth.  A prolific while also efficient quarterback.



#2 Kerry Martin Jr.

CapitalCougarsMartin Jr. had a good performance against an inspired Cabell Midland squad.  Using his legs more than his arm in this contest.  He has done everything his coach has needed to have them undefeated.  His stats are not on the same pace as last year but his unselfish play has the Cougars where they are now.  Other quarterbacks’ numbers might trump him for the Kennedy moving forward, however.  Nothing could get him back at #1 then a showout game against Spring Valley this week.


#1 Connor Neal

FairmontSeniorPolarBearsWhat else can you ask out of Neal after dominating Bridgeport?  Dominating a talented AAA secondary that halted #5 Wheeling Park’s pass game a week prior.  He made it look easy with three more scores and continues to be a very efficient scorer.  The Polar Bears are impressive.  Neal is foundational to the #1 AA in the land and arguably a top five team regardless of class.

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