Week Five Fight Card


(Out of 51)

39 – Writer2
36 – Third Writer
36 – Shotgun Writer
36 – Writer Out of Ink
34 – Wide Writer
33 – El Writer





Riverside at St. Albans

Neither Riverside nor St. Albans has gotten off on the foot they wanted to.  Both have fell to the injury bug slightly while also playing the always tough MSAC schedule.  Riverside’s heavy ground game has highlighted the ability of their all-state skill players and kept them close in several games.  Though St. Albans found something to work with in a young QB/RB duo, last week they were down 69-0 in the second quarter to George Washington.  Both programs need a win here simply for morale.

El Writer (Riverside)
Writer2 (Riverside)
Third Writer (Riverside)
Wide Writer (Riverside)
Shotgun Writer (Riverside)
Writer OOI (Riverside)

C&C Prediction: Riverside (22) St. Albans (0)



Tolsia at Tug Valley

Tolsia and Tug Valley are both building some momentum after some tough losses.  Tolsia fell hard to out-of-state Fairland (OH) and to AA Lincoln County.  Tug Valley’s lone loss came in a 46-0 thumping by Sherman.  Both still have absolute playoff prospects but this is a massive turning point for both.  Tug Valley is still looking for their star back while the Rebels have relied on a big line to pave the way for Devon Crum and Austin Gauze.  This one matters!

El Writer (Tug Valley)
Writer2 (Tolsia)
Third Writer (Tolsia)
Wide Writer (Tolsia)
Shotgun Writer (Tug Valley)
Writer OOI (Tolsia)

C&C Prediction: Tolsia (35) Tug Valley (28)



#2 Doddridge County at Ritchie County

How legit is Ritchie County?  They seem to pull out a win no matter what besides their lone close loss to current undefeated Parkersburg Catholic.  This is all behind a first year head coach and a talented quarterback.  However, #2 Doddridge has steamrolled everyone.  Behind Hunter America’s state leading rushing and two-way star Tanner Lett, the Bulldogs haven’t been slowed.  This will be Ritchie County’s toughest test to date.  Let’s see what they’re made of.

El Writer (Doddridge County)
Writer2 (Doddridge County)
Third Writer (Doddridge County)
Wide Writer (Doddridge County)
Shotgun Writer (Doddridge County)
Writer OOI (Doddridge County)

C&C Prediction: Doddridge (63) Ritchie County (12)



PikeView at Shady Spring

How important is every game in AA?  Very.  Both of these squads want a playoff bid and with their schedules, this is a must win.  Both have lone losses to usual AA powers- PikeView’s loss by one and Shady Spring’s by two.  Both rely on a stable of runningbacks.  The Panthers put their hopes in top eight rusher Evan Rose while the Tigers split their carries between Tyler Bragg and Isaiah Valentine.  This seems to be an even matchup with big implications.

El Writer (Shady Spring)
Writer2 (Shady Spring)
Third Writer (Shady Spring)
Wide Writer (Shady Spring)
Shotgun Writer (Shady Spring)
Writer OOI (Shady Spring)

C&C Prediction: Shady Spring (22) PikeView (10)




#2 Spring Valley at George Washington

We aren’t predicting an upset by any means but George Washington definitely has the firepower to make it interesting.  The Patriots pass game behind D1-bound Grant Wells has kept them within shooting distance of Ashland (KY) and Huntington.  They put 69 points in 15 minutes last week.  However, the Timberwolves are big, mean, and fast.  We know their line stacked with Power 5 talent.  We know elite runner Owen Chafin.  We know Nate Ellis and Graeson Malashevich who are liable to play four different positions a game.  Could the Patriots drop a bomb?

El Writer (Spring Valley)
Writer2 (Spring Valley)
Third Writer (Spring Valley)
Wide Writer (Spring Valley)
Shotgun Writer (Spring Valley)
Writer OOI (Spring Valley)

C&C Prediction: Spring Valley (42) George Washington (14)



#6 Sherman at Ravenswood

This one might get interesting.  Both have been very impressive aside from hard losses to Magnolia and Williamstown.  The Tide have been working back behind high-scoring QB JT Hensley while the Red Devils were brought to earth last week.  The Ravenswood’ pass defense will be key in this home matchup.  Luke Jackson should stall the inside run game so expect a lot of adjustments made throughout the game by both coaches.  An important game which could have big implications later on.

El Writer (Sherman)
Writer2 (Sherman)
Third Writer (Ravenswood)
Wide Writer (Sherman)
Shotgun Writer (Sherman)
Writer OOI (Sherman)

C&C Prediction: Sherman (14) Ravenswood (3)



Cabell Midland at #3 Capital

40-10 was a hurtful loss for the Scarlet Knights.  However, if you think Cabell Midland comes out this next week anything less than full-go- we think you’re wrong.  Capital has proven to be a star-studded team with multiple playmakers in every facet.  If Ivan Vaughn wants to win the Kennedy Award, it happens against Capital.  He will need to run his tail off to keep Cabell Midland steady with an always dangerous Cougar squad.  This one could be very shocking or very expected.

El Writer (Capital)
Writer2 (Capital)
Third Writer (Capital)
Wide Writer (Capital)
Shotgun Writer (Capital)
Writer OOI (Capital)

C&C Prediction: Capital (49) Cabell Midland (21)



#7 Weir at Petersburg

When would be a better time for Petersburg to pull off a surprising top ten win?  It’d be hard-pressed to say other than now after Weir’s second half implosion against Keyser where they lost with a 26-point lead.  Petersburg, who also has dealt with statewide controversy, is playing to prove that they deserve in the postseason.   They are led by efficient and dual threat Jacob Hartman.  The Red Riders quarterback situation might be in question with Tyler Komorowski sitting out last week with Sebastian Spencer filling in.  Donovan Kirby will still be there runningback horse.  An interesting one.

El Writer (Weir)
Writer2 (Weir)
Third Writer (Petersburg)
Wide Writer (Weir)
Shotgun Writer (Weir)
Writer OOI (Weir)

C&C Prediction: Weir (63) Petersburg (35)




Oak Hill at #6 Nicholas County

Two nearby AA squads come together at a combined 8-0 record.  The Grizzlies have not looked back after a big week one win and tough victory of Shady Spring.  Oak Hill has rolled easily as well even with a close one-point win over Wyoming East in Week Four.  The Red Devils and Grizzlies are led by veteran quarterbacks Khori Bass and Jared Sagraves, respectively.  The x-factor comes in breakout receiver Abe Farrow who is near the top in the state for receiving for Oak Hill.  How much of an impact will he have in this game?

El Writer (Nicholas County)
Writer2 (Nicholas County)
Third Writer (Oak Hill)
Wide Writer (Nicholas County)
Shotgun Writer (Nicholas County)
Writer OOI (Nicholas County)

C&C Prediction: Nicholas County (28) Oak Hill (17)



#8 Robert C. Byrd at #5 Bridgeport

Robert C. Byrd and Bridgeport have both done pretty well- that is aside from playing Fairmont Senior.  Going into this matchup, it seems to be evened out.  Both have stud runningbacks in Ghovan Davidson and Jake Bowen, and both have experienced linemen.  Bridgeport lays host which is always a huge advantage for the Indians.  If Robert C. Byrd wants to build legitimate momentum, it starts here.

El Writer (Bridgeport)
Writer2 (Robert C. Byrd)
Third Writer (Bridgeport)
Wide Writer (Bridgeport)
Shotgun Writer (Bridgeport)
Writer OOI (Bridgeport)

C&C Prediction: Bridgeport (34) Robert C. Byrd (20)



#4 Mingo Central at #9 Poca

Alright, Dots Nation.  Here is your chance to prove how good you really are.  This will be a battle of stars in which Poca hosts.  The Miners’ have quieted all doubters behind the passing trio of Daylin Goad and the Hatfield brothers.  They are coming off a top ten win over Sissonville.  The Dots have taken care of business with the bottom half of the Cardinal and now head into the meat of their road.  Led by playmaking seniors Bronson Skeens and Dakota Meadows while also the do-it-all sophomore Ethan Payne.  A must see.

El Writer (Poca)
Writer2 (Mingo Central)
Third Writer (Mingo Central)
Wide Writer (Mingo Central)
Shotgun Writer (Mingo Central)
Writer OOI (Mingo Central)

C&C Prediction: Mingo Central (56) Poca (35)



(AAA) University at #1 Fairmont Senior

TD passes.  TD passes.  TD passes.  That might be the story of this game.  This cross-class battle will feature two of the most prolific QB’s in the state.  Logan Holgorsen who is a playmaking phenom with catchers Amir Richardson and Evan Parow always there.  Connor Neal, who has put together an incredible high scoring and efficient season thus far.  Both have run games that come second and an expected battle on the line between Zach Frazier and Ben Gribble.  This one should be entertaining.

El Writer (Fairmont Senior)
Writer2 (Fairmont Senior)
Third Writer (Fairmont Senior)
Wide Writer (University)
Shotgun Writer (Fairmont Senior)
Writer OOI (University)

C&C Prediction: Fairmont Senior (42) University (34)




#8 Fayetteville at #1 Wheeling Central

Could we get a more contrasting Main Event?  Lying down in the south is an unlikely undefeated Fayetteville team in the last year of their school.  They now make the trek north to take on a program possibly in the middle of another dynasty that is led by multiple stars.  The odds are definitely not in favor of Jordan Dempsey and the Pirates.  But maybe, just maybe, they could prove to be a valiant threat to the Maroon Knights’ quest of a repeat.

El Writer (Wheeling Central)
Writer2 (Wheeling Central)
Third Writer (Wheeling Central)
Wide Writer (Wheeling Central)
Shotgun Writer (Wheeling Central)
Writer OOI (Wheeling Central)

C&C Prediction: Wheeling Central (49) Fayetteville (14)

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