Week Four Fight Card


(Out of 38)

29 – Writer2
28 – Shotgun Writer
28 – Writer Out of Ink
27 – Third Writer
27 – Wide Writer
25 – El Writer




Hundred at Hannan

Two 0-3 teams get ready for war.  The Hornets, who are still trying to snap one of the nation’s longest losing streak, will attempt to beat Hannan.  Both teams have had hard blowout starts against schools almost triple their size.  The Hornets spread style will contrast nicely against Hannan’s ground attack.  Last year, this was one of Hundred’s closest games and perhaps one of their best shots to snap the losing streak this year.  They are playing Saturday afternoon.

El Writer (Hannan)
Writer2 (Hannan)
Third Writer (Hundred)
Wide Writer (Hannan)
Shotgun Writer (Hundred)
Writer OOI (Hannan)

C&C Prediction: Hannan (48) Hundred (12)



Lincoln County (AA) at Van

Though Lincoln County is eliminated from the playoffs already, that hasn’t stopped them from a 2-1 winning start.  They have been led by transfer-return Jerrad Price who leads the state in sacks.  Tanner Walls also has three picks in the secondary- tied for the state’s third best.  Van is unbeaten, and it can be attributed to QB Gavin Smith who is averaging over 250 yards through the air.  A perfect passing matchup it seems.

El Writer (Lincoln County)
Writer2 (Lincoln County)
Third Writer (Lincoln County)
Wide Writer (Lincoln County)
Shotgun Writer (Van)
Writer OOI (Lincoln County)

C&C Prediction: Lincoln County (27) Van (10)



PikeView at James Monroe

Undefeated PikeView missed the playoffs last year even with seven wins.  They understood fully how every win might be needed.  The Mavericks showed the state a lot going  hours up north and losing on the final play to #5 Weir.  An improved defense alongside the do-it-all Monroe Mohler should pose a valid threat to be the Panther’s first loss.  Evan Rose, a top eight state rusher, will have something to say about that, however.  This game will be played Thursday night.

El Writer (PikeView)
Writer2 (James Monroe)
Third Writer (James Monroe)
Wide Writer (James Monroe)
Shotgun Writer (James Monroe)
Writer OOI (James Monroe)

C&C Predictions: James Monroe (35) PikeView (7)



Richwood at #3 Midland Trail

Richwood could not stop Jordan Dempsey last week.  After a thunderous start, the Pirates found some weaknesses in an explosive Lumberjack team.  Caleb Jantuah and Michael McGee are one of the state’s most prolific QB-WR combos.  Midland Trail will need to minimize their lethality while riding their own QB Austin Isaacs in a variety of ways.  This should be a tough fought game with the points implications being noteworthy.  This game was played Wednesday night.

El Writer (Midland Trail)
Writer2 (Midland Trail)
Third Writer (Midland Trail)
Wide Writer (Midland Trail)
Shotgun Writer (Midland Trail)
Writer OOI (Midland Trail)

C&C Prediction: Midland Trail (28) Richwood (14)




#6 Cabell Midland at Hurricane

Hurricane is almost finished up with their run from hell that included Spring Valley, Capital, and now Cabell Midland.  They did well managing Capital’s offense last week but the Cougars scored other ways.  Cabell Midland also struggled offensively getting their offense going with only a big pass being their score.  The Scarlet Knights are scrambling to fix the weak spots while Hurricane will show up hoping to pull one win out of this incredibly dastardly stretch.

El Writer (Cabell Midland)
Writer2 (Cabell Midland)
Third Writer (Cabell Midland)
Wide Writer (Cabell Midland)
Shotgun Writer (Cabell Midland)
Writer OOI (Cabell Midland)

C&C Prediction: Cabell Midland (21) Hurricane (7)



#1 Martinsburg at Spring Mills

Can anyone touch the Bulldogs at this point?  Their mix of leadership and young talent is almost unmatched.  They have dominated out-of-state and now return now to take on an impressive Spring Mills team.  Everyone knows Martinsburg’s stars, but we’re interested in seeing how QB Keon Padmore-Johnson and WRs Evin Hurt and Christian Henderson handle a secondary that include three of the top DBs in the state.  This game is Thursday.

El Writer (Martinsburg)
Writer2 (Martinsburg)
Third Writer (Martinsburg)
Wide Writer (Spring Mills)
Shotgun Writer (Martinsburg)
Writer OOI (Martinsburg)

C&C Prediction: Martinsburg (55) Spring Mills (7)



#3 Capital at Parkersburg

Parkersburg was able to pull away in a very important win last week against Woodrow Wilson.  They are now back playing the top fives in the state.  The difference now is that Brenton Strange has returned- obviously after his 150+ and two TD performance last week.  That will be needed and much more when they lay host to a Kennedy Award candidate, Huff Award candidate, and a talented Cougar team that has scored about anyway possible.

El Writer (Capital)
Writer2 (Capital)
Third Writer (Capital)
Wide Writer (Capital)
Shotgun Writer (Capital)
Writer OOI (Capital)

C&C Prediction: Capital (38) Parkersburg (21)



Winfield at Wayne

With the first SSAC rankings out, neither Wayne or Winfield is in the Top 16.  This should be enough motivation for these two annual powers.  Winfield’s losses came by AAA Hurricane and a collapse last week to Chapmanville.  Wayne, however, has fallen to AAA Spring Valley and a close Mingo Central match.  Neither team should hang their head on their losses.  John Covert is having an incredible sophomore season for the Generals and will be the player to watch next to Mike Bartram in this game.  They are playing Thursday.

El Writer (Wayne)
Writer2 (Wayne)
Third Writer (Wayne)
Wide Writer (Wayne)
Shotgun Writer (Winfield)
Writer OOI (Wayne)

C&C Prediction: Wayne (42) Winfield (17)




Keyser at #5 Weir

Last year’s Keyser-Weir matchup was nothing short of intense.  This year, the same things are on the line.  Both are coming off absolute dogfights where the Golden Tornado fell but the Red Riders prevailed.  The offensive dual threat of Komorowski and Kirby has been enough to exploit any specialization of defense.  Keyser, on the other hand, has had to ride Brady Clay when times got tough.  It should be a telling match and a very important point game.

El Writer (Keyser)
Writer2 (Weir)
Third Writer (Weir)
Wide Writer (Weir)
Shotgun Writer (Weir)
Writer OOI (Weir)

C&C Prediction: Weir (28) Keyser (21)



#5 Williamstown at #8 Ravenswood

No one can accuse either Williamstown or Ravenswood of dodging anyone.  Both ranked in the top ten, the two will clash heads in a incredibly important game full of quality points.  Last week, the Yellowjackets’ Donathan Taylor was the horse of the offense, but they have several weapons around him.  They will line it up and take on Luke Jackson and a stout Red Devil line which has yet to be beaten.  Expect a traditional battle from these two Single A’s.

El Writer (Williamstown)
Writer2 (Williamstown)
Third Writer (Ravenswood)
Wide Writer (Ravenswood)
Shotgun Writer (Ravenswood)
Writer OOI (Ravenswood)

C&C Prediction: Ravenswood (21) Williamstown (20)



#7 Mingo Central at #8 Sissonville


Let’s hope the hurricane holds off and stays dry for this aerial matchup.  These Cardinal foes have had electric starts behind their QBs and WRs.  Sissonville’s Will Hackney has pulled in the Player of the Week honor twice now thanks to tons of TD catches by Mayson Miller.  Mingo’s Daylin Goad, only a sophomore, has also lit up scoreboards with now having two Hatfields to throw to- freshman and junior.  This will be an important game for two teams chasing the Cardinal crown.

El Writer (Sissonville)
Writer2 (Mingo Central)
Third Writer (Sissonville)
Wide Writer (Mingo Central)
Shotgun Writer (Mingo Central)
Writer OOI (Mingo Central)

C&C Prediction: Mingo Central (63) Sissonville (42)



#5 Wheeling Park at #10 University

University has marched back into the top ten behind Logan Holgorsen’s arm and his two trusty sidekicks Amir Richardson and Evan Parow.  An improving defense has also helped them get to 2-1 behind sack master Ben Gribble.  They will have their hands full hosting #5 Wheeling Park.  Park has an allure of spread weapons including dual-threat QB Alex Dunlevy, RB Rafael Bradley, and Dylan Wood and Jermain Snodgrass on defense.  This game means a lot and will tell a lot about where both stand.

El Writer (Wheeling Park)
Writer2 (Wheeling Park)
Third Writer (Wheeling Park)
Wide Writer (University)
Shotgun Writer (Wheeling Park)
Writer OOI (Wheeling Park)

C&C Prediction: Wheeling Park (35) University (21)




#4 Bridgeport at #2 Fairmont Senior

Going by the last handful of Indian-Polar Bear battles… we’re in for a treat.  Set up like year’s past, these two are absolute AA title contenders.  Bridgeport has rode their textbook tough defense and their revolving door of stick I runningbacks.  No one has slowed Jake Bowen or D’Andre Holloway.  Hosting them will be one of the most prolific passers in the state Connor Neal and his barrage of weapons including a badly familiar name to Bridgeport fans- Gilbert.  This is going to be a classic.  No doubt about it.  Played Thursday night.

El Writer (Bridgeport)
Writer2 (Fairmont Senior)
Third Writer (Fairmont Senior)
Wide Writer (Fairmont Senior)
Shotgun Writer (Fairmont Senior)
Writer OOI (Bridgeport)

C&C Prediction: Fairmont Senior (28) Bridgeport (24)



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