Kennedy Watch Update (Week Three)

Gathering Attention

Logan Holgorsen (QB) University

Hunter America (RB) Doddridge County

Cason Payne (QB) Point Pleasant



#5 Malakai Brown

HedgesvilleEaglesBrown has kept up his ridiculous consistency all the way through week three.  He, at this point, is guaranteed at least 100 yards and a touchdown.  Playing receiver in high school, that is a phenomenal feat.  Last week in a blowout over Mountain Ridge (MD), he pulled in two and continues to be efficient and prolific.



#4 Will Hackney


Hackney made easy work of Scott this last week.  Once again, he eclipsed 300 yards and was responsible for a handful of touchdowns.  Only a few quarterbacks are keeping pace with the silly numbers he is putting up.  Hackney will earn his rise though as the Indians are preparing a stretch that includes Mingo Central, Poca, Herbert Hoover, Wayne, and Winfield.  Let’s see what he’s made of.



#3 Connor Neal


Neal basically willed himself into our top five and gave us no choice.  After yet another crazy performance, the experienced Polar Bear quarterback nearly hit 400 yards while tossing several touchdowns in a blowout win over a good North Marion team.  A sole pocket passer like Neal is not common and his numbers definitely aren’t ordinary.   He will get to show off against the best this week against Bridgeport.



#2 Ivan Vaughn


Vaughn’s 15 yard performance last week says less about him and more about the team he played.  The Timberwolves have dominated every back they have played against.  Vaughn still has opportunities to get back on his break neck pace against some top level competition.  It was a hiccup but nothing he cannot overcome behind a great line and stellar talent.



#1 Kerry Martin Jr.

CapitalCougarsMartin Jr. flexed his muscles this week and played well.  Hurricane has given every top five team a bit of a problem and Martin Jr. took it with stride.  He’s suffering from the problem of blowing out far inferior teams which hurts ‘Kennedy stats’ or having to play a top five defense in the state.  Regardless, thus far, few can disagree his is not the best weapon to have.


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