One Week Away and Here’s What We Have Planned!

It’s literally six or seven days away!  Camp is over and the final scrimmages are being played out.  A lot of teams have scrimmaged well or young these last two weeks.  The stock in teams are really putting pressure on rankings with teams like Doddridge, Morgantown, and North Marion all looking like potential contenders.  Our weekly set up hopefully offers up a better coverage than we did last year!



Every Saturday morning we will be releasing the latest Top 10s of each class.  We are also introducing a weekly Top 25 All-Class Ranking that hopefully resembles college football.  We would like to shed light on AA’s and A’s truly transcending their class as if they were a true non-Power 5-esque team.


Kennedy Watch

Every Sunday we will release our updated standings for the race for the prestigious Kennedy Award.  We will take into account Kennedy moments and make sure we’re on top of any dark horse candidates lighting up the field.



Mondays and Tuesdays we will do our statewide and easy-to-read reviews of the North and South, respectively.  We want it to be quick but in-depth with a good coverage of what is going on.


Stat Leaders

We are going to be ambitious and keep stat leaders of the state updated every Wednesday.  We aren’t going too in-depth but top 5’s in Passing (Yards/TDs), Rushing (Yards/TDs), Receiving (Yards/TDs), Sacks, Interceptions, and maybe Tackles.  We will need help from the community too.


Fight Card

We’re bringing back our Thursday Fight Cards and Predictions.  We will have four Preliminaries, four Undercards, four Main Cards, and then the prestigious Main Event.  To make the Main Event even better, we will release a hype video for the game Friday morning!


The Magazine

The digital copy will stay up always.  You can preorder the physical anytime, but we can’t promise getting it before the middle of the season if you wait after this weekend.  Also, there is a big change to the physicals.  Due to issues, we have decided to have all three covers plus another included while also including all three special articles.  The main cover will feature Brenton Strange of Parkersburg (the AAA winner).  But don’t worry, all three covers are in the book!  Sorry for the changeup.  Let’s get some football going!

Strange Cover


  1. How/where do you order the physical copy?? I would like a physical copy of the one with Brenton Strange on the cover!! He’s my grandson!!

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