Our North West Region borders the Valley to the south, splits along the MD/Panhandle, and touches on the Coalfields. It is the largest geographically thus why it is home to the most Single A’s. There are many storied programs through this area of the state with an unmatched uniqueness to every school. Title contenders of every class come from here every single year.



1. Bridgeport


FairmontSeniorPolarBears2. Fairmont Senior


3. Weir



4. Wheeling Park



5. Parkersburg



6. Wheeling Central



7. Parkersburg South



8. Robert C. Byrd



9. John Marshall



10. North Marion




AAA Honorable Mention: Brooke

AA Honorable Mention: Philip Barbour

A Honorable Mention: Williamstown



Teams Predictions

Offense of the Year: Fairmont Senior

Defense of the Year: Bridgeport

Breakout Team of the Year: Robert C. Byrd

Hardest Schedule: Parkersburg

Biggest Question: Weir



FOOTBALL IS ALMOST HERE. Each week we will be diving into one of our four regions. We’ve sliced it up a little different to equal the spread of talent out. We have the Coalfields region, MD (Mason-Dixon) Panhandle region, North West region, and Valley region. We will spend a week on each in that order. Every week will include Monday: Single A, Tuesday: Double A, Wednesday: Triple A, Thursday: Preseason All-Region Team, Friday: Top 10 in the Region. Let’s get it!



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