To some it might seem early but as players begin hitting lifting PR’s and getting in shape- the season has never quite ended.  The chase for a trip to Wheeling never ends, and we are taking Fridays in the current offseason to highlight the top five players returning per position in AAA and AA/A (combined).  Not on the list?  Good thing it’s not even preseason yet.  Prove us right or prove us wrong.



Without further ado…



Honorable Mention


Reed Reitter (Weir) 2019

Mason Kump (Independence) 2019

Logan Spurlock (Capital) 2020



Honorable Mention

John Campbell (Herbert Hoover) 2019

Evan Ogden (Bridgeport) 2019

John McConnell (Morgantown) 2021

Michael Hughes (George Washington) 2021



#5 Cameron Powell


School: Riverside

Year: 2019

HT/WT: 5’8 / 185 lbs

Powell has one of the strongest legs in the state when it comes to punting.  Last year he was used pretty effectively in flipping field position while leaving his guys room to make plays.  He is a decent kicker as well and one of the top in the state, regardless.  He will be a valuable asset on a Warrior squad replacing some big names.



#4 Finnegan Hall

Photo Credits: The Journal

School: Hedgesville

Year: 2019

HT/WT: 6’4 / 200 lbs

When it comes to booting that dirty pigskin, Hall is the man.  Not only does he sail some punts for over a 40-yard average but also has an astounding kickoff average of 54 yards.  That is touchback territory and in high school ball, that is valuable.  He was also nearly automatic as a field goal and extra point kicker.  A heck of a player.



#3 Kaulin Parris

Photo Credits: Bluefield Daily Times

School: Bluefield

Year: 2020

HT/WT: 6’3 / 165 lbs

Parris has the highest ceiling of any specialist on the list.  Parris is a consistent player with a big leg.  He often isn’t put in positions to show off his field goal ability because Bluefield usually takes it to the crib.  He got plenty of extra point and kickoff practice though- that is for sure.



TIE – #1 Jonah Phares


School: University

Year: 2019

HT/WT: 6’1 / 160 lbs

Phares sails to a top spot on the list because he is the definition of clutch.  Numerous times in 2017 Phares was called late to hit a field goal including a buzzer beater game winner.  He’s 66% from the field with a long of 37.  This is not the guy you want kicking against you with the game on the line.



TIE – #1 Timothy McCutchen


School: Hurricane

Year: 2019

HT/WT: 5’10 / 170 lbs

McCutchen falls in at number one because of his utter consistency.  The Redskins often struck quick and sometimes stalled out- time for McCutchen.  He went 8/13 with a long of 40.  A very impressive number is that he went 40/40 on extra points.  An automatic point after is underrated.  We like his consistency and expect big things from him this season.



Who did we miss?  Let us know!  We never shy away from people telling us we’re missing out on kids!  This was our last position of the year as we head into the season!  We look forward to meeting those we have missed!


  1. Hi There,
    Just a note.
    Isaiah Carpenter from Huntington High School will be a Senior this year and last year his stats were very impressive.
    He didn’t miss a PAT all year during regular season. He hit the upright and bounced back on a PAT in the playoffs which his final stats on PATs was 50 out of 51.
    HHS had such a powerful offense last year that Isaiah didn’t need to kick field goals as it was mostly TDs.
    Kick-offs were usually sky-kicks and didn’t have any kicks returned for TD all year.
    This summer he placed 1st,2nd, and 3rd in college kicking camps.
    This weekend he is headed to Nations Largest Kicking Camp in Wisconsin where he was invited.
    You can go online and see where he has kicked several 50 yarders and a couple that were 60 yards!
    This will hopefully be an amazing year.
    This is his Dad, Gary Carpenter

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