To some it might seem early but as players begin hitting lifting PR’s and getting in shape- the season has never quite ended.  The chase for a trip to Wheeling never ends, and we are taking Fridays in the current offseason to highlight the top five players returning per position in AAA and AA/A (combined).  Not on the list?  Good thing it’s not even preseason yet.  Prove us right or prove us wrong.


Without further ado…


Honorable Mentions

Layne Daniel (Sherman) 2019

Ryan Metzgar (Lewis County) 2019

Seth Whitt (Chapmanville) 2019


#5 Jaden Marino

Photo Credits: Ben Que?

School: Robert C. Byrd

Year: 2019

HT/WT: 6’0 / 220 lbs

Marino is apart of a pretty deadly combo of defensive linemen coming back for the Eagles.  Consider him the lightning because his speed is what makes up for his linebacker-size on the front lines.  His size doesn’t say that he is weak though as he is constantly out grinding opposing lineman.  He could potentially see a 10+ sack senior season with the moves that he brings.


#4 Carter Lyles


School: Scott

Year: 2019

HT/WT: 6’1 / 230 lbs

Lyles shot up our charts quite fast.  Though football may not be his best sport (having multiple D1 baseball offers as a pitcher) we think he’s pretty dang good.  He plays much bigger than he is and has an awesome feel for the ball.  Lyles can win the line of scrimmage, chase down runs, and make the tackle in space.  He will be a big part in a Scott team we are picking to be a sleeper.


#3 Jaden Rollyson


School: Liberty (Harrison)

Year: 2019

HT/WT: 6’1 / 305 lbs

Let’s break out the hog-mollies!  Rollyson boasts some up-there lifting feats and at least on-film he backs them up.  Rollyson, playing in one of the harder AA conferences, constantly bullies other lineman.  As an interior tackle he is a force to be reckoned with.  He doesn’t have many moves or quick slants, but he requires multiple blockers and a change of scheme.


#2 Tyler Komorowski

Photo Credits: The Herald Star

School: Weir

Year: 2019

HT/WT: 6’3 / 240 lbs

Komorowski comes in as the most athletic on the list.  Though his production went down slightly after his near-20 sack sophomore year, it can be easily attributed to his increased offensive role.  He’s gotten much bigger since then but still possesses that lanky get off and leveraging.  Komorowski is up there as a top WV prospect and if you don’t believe us- go watch for yourself.


#1 Robert Arnold


School: Robert C. Byrd

Year: 2019

HT/WT: 6’4 / 280 lbs

Arnold has become synonymous with scary.  Once again, our number one combines a lot of the attributes of 2-5: quickness, aggression, strength, but then you factor in that he has elite size.  Arnold has the look of someone playing out of their class.  He is constantly tossing lineman, mauling quarterbacks, chasing down runs, and the whole nine-yards.  It would be hard to dispute him not being the #1 DL going into 2018.



Who did we miss?  Let us know!  We never shy away from people telling us we’re missing out on kids!  Our next Feature Five Friday will take on the top returning running backs in AAA! Let us know who should be in there!


  1. Guys I wish you would take a look at Hunter Jones DT from Midland Trail. He finished with 14 sacks last year and is ready to have a great senior season!

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