Bad Weightroom? No Money? 5 Tips for Football Training

You know the ole saying, “All men are created equal.”  However, you rarely hear the “no weightroom is created equal.”  But let us tell you something from endless experience.  We’ve seen poor kids with a raggedy weightroom transform themselves into beasts just as we have seen kids with every resource and a state-of-the-art weightroom not make a single gain.  The truth is that there is no set of equipment or circumstance that can stop someone if they want it enough.  The pride of this state rides on the back of those who aren’t afraid to work.  Let us give away some tips to make the most of your situations and guide your passion in the right direction:


1) Take pride in what you have Say it with me:  This is my weightroom, there are many like it, but this one is mine.   It’s okay to joke about cracked mirrors, bent bars, rusty dumbbells, torn-up benches, but there also must be a level of respect as well.  In the end, your lifting metal.  Who cares what it looks like?  Believe and have a love for what is yours.


2) Learn to eat This is the trickiest one on the list.  There are many kids that struggle to find the amount of food needed to maximize gains economically.  Everyone’s situation is different and must have different solutions.  Our best tip?  Cheap carbs.  One PB&J should use no more than 25 cents worth of ingredients.  Chocolate milk is a powerhouse nectar of greatness.  The situation can be hard but look closer and you might find a plausible solution.


3) Listen to the right people Not saying that a smaller (muscular) person can’t know how to build muscle but if you want to reach a goal- find someone who reached that goal.  We could talk about training philosophies all day long.  Now, trust me, I REALLY do believe your uncle bench pressed 445 in ninth grade but maybe ask your own coach or former next-level players on their training plans.  You have limited resources- be smart about it!



4) Training isn’t everything Many players are guilty of overtraining.  It is a thing and actually can happen VERY easy.  (Check out some signs here.)  If you’re trying to put on weight, spending infinite hours exercises doesn’t necessarily help your case if you can’t eat like a horse.  Also, sleep and proper rest are ONE THIRD of the process.  Overtraining can be the kiss of death for those struggling to eat enough.



5) Intensity is everything Show me your max deadlift, and then tell me if you could do more if your life was on the line.  Intensity doesn’t stop in the weightroom.  Yes, going hard when lifting is very important.  Yet, you must bring that passion to your eating and sleeping.  If you do care enough you will find solutions through trial and error to overcome a bad weightroom or difficult time eating.  We believe in you.  You can really do it.


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