Winter has Broken

This was always one of my favorite time periods in the year as a player. The winter months of January, February, and March were always a grind. Those three months were always used to build mass and strength. The hours were always dark, the weights were heavy, and while it was the backbone of the off-season; it could get old over time. There just comes a point where it’s time to get back outside and start to move around again. April is that month were you can start getting back out of that turf and getting after it.

You almost always start to feel a little overweight, fleshy. April and May was the months were you could come back and start to chisel back up again, to get that built up fat that is covering your muscles cut back down again. Also, the feeling of not passing out because you are finally starting to get back into shape is one of the better ones after not running for a long time and struggling through 6 110’s. It’s the best time of year to start getting your body back into physical shape, to cut down the fat, and be able to really move in open spaces.

This is where you can start getting you body into physical shape for the May Camps, Summer Ball, and then into August Camp. You need to have a plan in this time of year because your training is going to change. You shouldn’t just jump right into a different routine, you’ll lose some of those gains that you made during the winter months. Being able make more gains in April and May, while making yourself quicker and leaner is the ultimate goal that you are looking to do in this time period.

Some tips for April/May:

  • Understand your Diet: Cut out the fast food, cut out the unneeded starches. Continue eating the proper carbs and protein. Even choosing water over Gatorade is a move you can make to get yourself leaner and faster.
  • Start with the feet: Be able to get outside and moving will get you into shape. This is a great time to use the weather and get onto the field so you can start moving in bigger spaces. Just doing this alone will start to get you into shape.
  • Start light with running: There’s a difference between running for a time and getting into shape. You probably have been running for time but not literal getting your body into condition. Start light and slow, each week, add a little more to your plate. Improve the intensity and duration. By the time June hits, you’ll be in decent shape and be ready for you to get into summer conditioning.
  • Never Skip on the Weights: You need to continue lifting hard and heavy. Your body will adapt to the new routine, but never stop trying to get strong. You might not feel that it is possible to do, but it is, starts with your diet and your mindset.


Things for you to do in Spring that will help you and your team.

  • Start doing football drills: Get a list of drills and work your fundamentals. You have the weather on your side now, use it to your advantage.
  • Skelly/Group Drills: Start competing. Organize 7 on 7’s, 1 on 1’s. A. They’re fun, B. they’re going to make you a better player. It’ll make your team better, it gets you playing the game of football. You need to work on those skills against competition, this is where you can do it.
  • Worry about your Senior Year: Don’t worry about what camps your going to or who is recruiting you. Worry about the season that you are about to go through. Everything else will take care of itself in due time but don’t allow the recruiting process to take away your focus on the season.


Those are small, minuscule things that you can do that can help you improve your game, and get yourself ready for the June circuit. Always take an opportunity to make yourself better and your team better. Being able to get outside and away from the snow is a blessing for us all, and we shouldn’t allow an opportunity to pass.

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