Scouting Report: Charleston

Four days at the Charleston Civic Center can get exhausting, especially when it comes to finding things to do in between sessions. We’ve been veterans of this event for almost the entire time they have been holding them. We seem to believe that we have a solid idea of places to go, places to eat, and things to see in between the sessions of games.

Now for some of us, we’ll spend almost every day in Charleston and won’t miss a single session. Which is one of those things that you must do at least once in your life because if you do it right, you will never regret it. For others, you come up once or twice, depending on how your team is doing or who is playing. Either way, you will be spending some time in Charleston and would like to do something.

It’s a West Virginia tradition to make a trip to Charleston a full day event. It’s one of those things where you plan it out well in advance. Make a list of stores that you must go to and restaurants that you must try. If there was a dictionary that held the many different sayings and words that is in a West Virginians dictionary, “Going up to Charleston” would be on one of those pages in the book.

Here are some key things you need to know before heading to the State Basketball tournament.

State Basketball Tournament Session Schedule

Morning Session Games Start at: 9:30AM

Next Games start 20 minutes after teams leave the floor.

Evening Session Games Start at: 5:30PM

Next Game start 20 minutes after teams leave the floor.


Ticket Prices:

$8.00 General Admission

$9.00 Reserved Sections

*Note: New security procedures have been placed at the Civic Center, expect delays in entering the arena.


Where to Eat.


A classic favorite for myself is the ole reliable of Quaker Steak. A staple in a consistent place where the food is good, and the atmosphere is great. One of the reasons we loved to go there over the years is that it is typically not as busy, but the food is good and quick. It’s the perfect place to find some good wings, sit back, and watch the NCAA basketball tournament that is going on as well.


Adelphia is a place located in downtown Charleston. This is your late-night location or just a place to hang out. The atmosphere is awesome and there is a huge drink selection available. I’ve personally ranked their awarded winning chicken wings in my own top 10 of wings I have ever had. It’s a great place for a late-night spot, and I enjoy this place greatly!


Not the original but it’s still fantastic. A West Virginian Icon that is also located in downtown Charleston. These pies are known worldwide and people from all over ask me if I know about it when I travel outside of the state. The Charleston location is starting to build its own little reputation, and it’s starting to rival the original in Fayetteville. Go try this place, it’s worth the stop.


Things to Do:

  • The big one that everyone in the state does is go to the Charleston Mall and Town Center. It’s really the only true mall for many of the people in the state. It’s a can’t miss thing to be honest, and almost every person does it. Walking there in between games is the thing to do and with nearly every store that you can think of in the building, you can find whatever you are looking for. The kids love it, the parents love it, and it’s literally right across the street from the Civic Center.
  • Another huge shopping area with a ton of great restaurants and nearly anything that you are looking for. The shopping centers up by Corridor G is another place that is a crowd favorite during this time of year. A short 5-minute drive up the hill in Charleston will take you to these places that you can literally spend the entire day trying to hit each one if you choose to do so. It’s a good place to go especially on day 3 of the tournament if you want to get out of your hotel and move around a little.
  • A personal favorite of mine is the West Virginia museum. Tucked away over by the capital, the museum gives you a full and in-depth view of the history of the state. For many us, the pride we feel when we go in that building is almost second to none because it shows our past and how we got to where we are today. It’s fun going into the museum with your parents or grandparents and have them tell the stories of their past because the place really takes you back in time. It’s worth going over there and spending an hour to check out the entire place.
  • Take a stroll down Capitol Street! Located in the downtown area of Charleston, this place is loaded with many different shops and bars that you could go through. This small little stretch of street gives a unique time for nightlife and food options. With not only the State basketball tournament going on but the NCAA tournament going on, these places will be buzzing with people through the entire week. Highly recommend it for people wanting to take a taste of the nightlife of Charleston.


There are many different places that we considered in this scouting report. There are seriously too many that we could possibly list. We just hope that maybe this list will give you an idea of a place you never had or see something you never saw!


Any other recommendations please comment below to help other people out!

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