Serious Debate: AAA Concessions

Having a hotdog, or a cheeseburger, or nachos, or even homemade chili at a high school football game is almost half of the experience! It is no secret that West Virginia is home to some of the best country cooking and backwoods cuisine you could think of.  What is surprising though, is how so much of this delicious food makes its way into the high school stadiums across the state during football season.  Most schools opt out and do their most generic interpretation of what a concession stand looks like… some, however, answer the call and go above and beyond.


Here is our completely subjective and personally accurate countdown of our best concession stands and their diligent workers:


5. Woodrow Wilson – Beckley, WV

The one big advantage that got Van Meter Stadium into this list is the availability of Chic-Fil-A sandwiches and chicken nuggets. Being able to sink your teeth into that all white meat chicken makes Woodrow Wilson concessions a must have in Southern West Virginia.  Now, a fast food restaurant as you X-factor might seem cheap, but hey- don’t hate the player, hate the game.

WW std



  1. Parkersburg High School – Parkersburg, WV

As if Parkersburg didn’t already have enough to boast about with one of the oldest schools in West Virginia and one of the most beautiful schools.  Title town has another award now- they can thank their crown jewel: hot chocolate.  Those November nights are often warmed up with the brown elixir, however, Parkersburg really delivers.  Now, we realize that it might be in our heads but it’s just so rich and smooth.  Definitely a game changer.  Try it yourselves but make sure you’re on the home side bleachers.



  1. Greenbrier East High School – Fairlea, WV

Two back-to-back mediocre seasons have left them hungry for success.  That’s not all the people in Fairlea are hungry for though; the home of the Spartans is also home to something different every game. There will always be some kind of home-cooked chili, barbecue, or chicken being served at Greenbrier East football games.  Quality and execution.  Not many stadiums boast game-to-game specials.  Well done, Sparty, well done.

GE Stadium


  1. Wheeling Island Stadium. Wheeling, WV

Not only does this stadium serve as a home for the Wheeling Park Patriots, but it is also the location for the Super Six State Football Championship. This being said, I believe many will agree with this ranking. The biggest stage in WV High School football does not disappoint with its concession options, they have four separate stands for convenience and their menu has almost anything you could ask for.   To be honest, there is no X-factor other than overall convenience and quality.

WP stadium


  1. Laidley Field, Charleston, WV

Laidley Field is one of the oldest sports venues in WV and let’s be fair- it looks that way. The stadium itself could use a little maintenance, but you must also consider the wear and tear of its numerous hostings. The concession stand, however, far exceeds its appearance. The variety of the concession stands at Laidley is very valuable, but the real reason they are #1 is because of one item: CALZONES.  The best concession item you could find anywhere: fresh bread, mozzarella cheese, and spicy peperoni. Laidley field with their calzones claim the title of best concession stand in West Virginia.  PS: try their frozen lemonade during track season.




Honorable Mentions? 

University High School – Morgantown, WV (great hot chocolate)

Ripley High School – Ripley, WV (variety of snacks)

Hedgesville, WV – Hedgesville, WV (friendliest staff in the state)


Dishonorable Mentions?

Cabell Midland High School – Ona, WV (too many fireworks during meals)

Martinsburg High School – Martinsburg, WV (nothing tastes good down by 50 at the half)



Now, let’s hear some debate.  Who will be King of AA and A?


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