Tailgate Tuesday – A Memorial


Today. It is not an upbeat Tailgate Tuesday. This is in fact a Memorial for an American Monument, a real life meme, and an item that is gone but will never be forgotten on the internet.

It is to our understanding that the McDonald’s in Spencer has decided to cease making their infamous McD’s Pizza.

Being one of the last one’s in the world, it hurts us greatly, similar to watching the many animals of the rain forest go extinct. We literally watched an American legend come…and go.

It is our job, this new generation, to never forget the pure joy that the good employee’s of the McDonald’s in Spencer gave to us for many years. We must forever speak about the good times, the times that past, and the understand that the small feeling of nostalgia will forever have us longing for the past.

It’s times like these where we need to treasure what we have, what is present in front of us. For a split second take our eyes off the future and be grateful for what we have in our lives today.

So please and thank you. Please never forget about the icon that once roamed our great mountains. Also, thank you to those brave employees who gave us the pure joy for many many years.

On a somber note, till next time, keep eating…



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