Tailgate Tuesday

Hello, welcome to the 3rd installment of tailgate Tuesday here at Coalfields and Co. This week, we take on ‘Merican Classics that have become a staple of your world.  These thoughts have come from long studies that have spanned centuries that date all the way back to our forefathers. Always remember that at the center of your heart and soul, food holds a special place. We are here to help you find that revelation.


The American Dream:

When our forefathers created this great country, they dreamt of the opportunities that we have today. Imagine a world full of food and football. People tend to underestimate this part of the American dream but this is the backbone of what they believed the Constitution would accomplish. This American dream can create whatever hot dog your heart so desires. The world is full of possibilities, one where you can go simple or get as fancy as you may want. It’s a world full of grace and glory that only kings once knew of.

  1. The West Virginian – The home town classic is one that you may not realize is unique to outsiders but one that we hold dear to our heart. Slaw and chili with a nice line of mustard is the dog that we as West Virginian’s grew up on. It’s a shame that John Denver didn’t put a line in the great song about our dear creation.
  2. Queso Dog – Got a ton of queso for chips and dip? Put it to use on a dog. The unique flavor of queso cheese combined with the other ingredients that you may choose will completely flip your hot dog mindset upside down.
  3. Add Fries or Chips – Adding fries to a hot dog is like adding egg to a hamburger. Rarely seen, but when it’s done, it’s amazing. You just must trust me when you do this because it’ll seem weird at first, but the added crunch and saltiness will give your pallet a new dimension.



Another Merican Classic that tends to be overlooked. A good plate of nachos can change your day and possibly your life. I’ve had that happen to me on an occasion or two but it took a great plate of nachos to really open my eyes. There’s specific things that you can that will bring your nachos to the top of the food chain. Always remember, if you have a bangin’ plate of nachos, you give validity to your tailgate abilities.

  1. Chip Quality – The quality of the chip is important to creating a good set of nachos. A study chip that has its own little bit of flavor is incredibly important because it makes the chip versatile and can be used in the chip holder’s own way.
  2. Variety – Be organized with what you put on top of the nachos. Some people like more sour cream but others might hate it. Put the ingredients on the nacho’s platter in quadrants. That way you will always have your choice of what you want on each bite. Also, don’t hold back from being creative! Put some kind of meat on the nachos, be unique, change it up. Throw BBQ sauce on them, add shredded and nacho cheese. Creativity is also important when it comes to this.
  3. The Salsa – At the end of the day, the quality of the salsa will be the overwhelming force that will either put your plate over the finish line or hold it back. I’ve seen great nacho plates go to waste because the salsa just wasn’t any good or there wasn’t enough. Those two things will sink a plate quicker than a rock falling off a bridge. Pick and choose your salsa carefully, test it, with all the ingredients then make a decision on your salsa.


Thank you for reading this today and join us next week when we have an exclusive interview with “Fat Writer”. As he takes us on the journey to his happiness.

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