Tailgate Tuesday

Welcome welcome welcome to the newest edition of Tailgate Tuesday with all of us at Coalfields and Co. This week we have a the proper bangers to get you ready for the upcoming action this Friday. These are all essentials to make your gameday experience like no other and without further to do. Here is what you should do to make that happen.




The art of war by Sun Tzu is all about preparation and picking out the best place to fight your battle. This is no different with the selection of your pre-game meal.

TIP 1:

COMMUNICATE: Understand that without communication, you will not be able to get everyone on the same page. Scrambling at the last minute will get you no where and you’ll end up going to a crappy place and everyone hates you because you were in charge. Talk to the other people in your group, make them understand your vision, and then execute.

TIP 2:

PLAN AHEAD: Get ahead of the ball, do this tonight or in the morning. Get people moving in the right direction. TIME, PLACE, ACTION. Remember those key details while having this discussion, if there is a set time, at a set place, with good action, it’ll get you in the right mindset for the game. Prepare a pamphlet if need be, be prepared with backup plans just in case.

TIP 3:

DON’T HOLD BACK: Hype this up, get people excited for Friday. Make them anticipate what’s about to go down. Pull their emotions in a positive way to get them going. YOU AREN’T JUST EATING DINNER, YOU ARE EATING A FEAST!!

Always remember those three tips while planning your pre-game meal. Without proper preparation, you may end up going down the wrong path and get your Friday night off on the wrong step.


Top 5 Pizza Joints

Now this could be a heated discussion but one that we needed to have. Today, we are specializing in the Southern Part of the state on the best pizza restaurants in the area.

Pizza is the one food that anybody and everybody loves. Whether it was the pizza they offered at school lunch or the pizza that you made at your house. Pizza is a way of life for almost everyone I have ever crossed paths with. I wanted to tell you all about a few pizza spots that are not that known but are for sure worth the trip to have a pie. Now, I left off the chains, Dominos, Pizza Hut, Little Caesar; I wanted to tell you more about the home-grown spots that are popping up.

  1. Moe’s

A new addition to the region but not that known. Located in Athens, this small American Greek restaurant offers a pie that was surprisingly good, real good. Not ever having their pizza before after eating there many of times, it caught me off guard when someone told me that it was from Moe’s. When I had it, the surprise on my face spoke volumes of what was occurring in my mouth. A very solid pizza, worthy of the number five ranking on our list.

4.Bellacino’s – A square pizza, a pizza that comes from the heart. What can you ask more of this excellent pizza that has some of the top sauce around? This pie isn’t for everyone as it has a more doughy touch but it’s execution is excellent. Now it isn’t truly square but a classic circle, but it’s carved in a unique style that is second to none.
3.Beckley Little League Concession Stand Pizza – A Southern WV classic is this little piece of heaven. Growing up on the little square pizza’s in the tinfoil is one memory that almost everyone can cherish. What kind of childhood did you have without this in your life? It almost made baseball bearable for the most part knowing you’d get one of these for free after the game


Coming back from the dead a few years ago and a switch in management shot this gem up to number two on my list. I was always a little skeptical of this place when it first opened but it has really taken off. It’s starting to become the place to go on a Friday night when you’re in Beckley. The pizza is excellent and do not, and I mean do not skip out on their mini pepperoni rolls.

  1. Pies and Pints

To finish off our list of Pizza joints in our area is the one and only Pies and Pints Pizzeria in Fayetteville. It is the original, and no matter what anyone tells you, the other ones that are open(Charleston and Morgantown), do not compare to the original. With a large selection of different pies and a large beer menu, this is the place to end your day whether you are exploring the Gorge or just need a night out.

Post Game Meal of the Week:


A throwback to the playing days is the McDonald’s Drive Thru. Nothing is better than the feeling of victory, and the taste of 6 double cheeseburgers at the end of the day. You absolutely can’t skip on that large fry and milkshake either. Guaranteed to be one of the worst things you could eat after a game, this meal is one that I have dreamed in a nostalgic filled nightmare. One where I wish I could go back and eat like that without getting fatter than a chipmunk in October.

The Concessions Report


The bangin’ item found on the menu’s around the state this week is the taco in the bag. First found in the Wyoming County town of Oceana. A taco in the bag is exactly what you think it is. This isn’t a meal for the higher classed schools that don’t understand creativity but one where you go back to your roots. For those schools that keep producing masterpieces like these, keep doing you fam.


And that’s our tips for what you should do on Friday before, during, and after the games. Wish you all the best of luck in your travels and don’t forget to get after it.

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