Tailgate Tuesday

To start off this series, we want to give the fans an opportunity to experience the near perfect game day. Now with the lights about to shine very bright here in the next couple of days, the worst thing you can do is not have an unbelievable meal before the game kicks off. Part of the experience of going to football games is the food (and other beverages) before the game even kicks off. Why else would you come to a game 3 hours before kickoff? I do feel like I am an expert in this field and would recommend these tips to the Pope himself. Throughout the season, I am going to mention some of the best places to eat, best tailgating tips, and the best places to go to after the game. That post game meal is just as important as the pre-game meal, at least for fans it is.


Let’s get this thing started, first off, let’s start with a tailgate tip that last the ages. Don’t be shy on the condiments. Now you’re saying what a terrible tip that is, and have no idea where I am going with this but the greatest of inventions come from the creativity of a situation. I am literally telling you to overdo it on the condiments. You see those three different kinds of cheese dip and you are not sure which one to get??? You get all three of those bad boys. Have you ever had queso on a hot dog? That’s your loss. Why in the world have you not picked up any ranch or honey mustard dressing? Are you even American? We live for these kinds of opportunities.

“Success is where preparation and opportunity meet.”


You are missing a perfect opportunity to take your tailgate experience to a completely different level. Don’t be shy on the condiments, embrace the condiments. Embrace the idea that people love dunking their food into different types of sauces. The condiments can give you victory or defeat on a gameday experience. You may only get one chance in life to lead a tailgate as the head chef. Don’t waste it.

Don’t feel like grilling before a game this Friday. Let me tell you about this place in Bluefield and it is a doozy. It’s called Big Whiskey BBQ Company and they will knock your socks off. There literally might not be an item on the menu that I wouldn’t recommend. I am seriously not joking about that, and I have had the majority of the items on the menu. That will be the place to be before the Beaver-Graham game this Friday and you will have to get there early to get a spot.


Items that you must get, and I mean must get:

  1. Burnt Ends – The tips of the brisket literally melt in your mouth like the snow in late December.
  2. Southside Nachos – These bad boys punch you in the mouth with flavor. Don’t be shy on the sauce, it’ll take you where you want to go.
  3. Chicken Wings – Just jump right in, probably taking the number one ranking of chicken wing in the state of West Virginia. Nationally ranked.

This list can go on forever and I don’t have enough time to really explain how good this place is. This is more of an experience than just a simple dinner. Even if you aren’t in Bluefield before the game on Friday. You need to slide down to the place at some point and time to go through this experience.

Let’s move on to the post game action, where the feeling of success or defeat is quickly drowned out by eating those emotions away. The first place is an American classic and one that is dear to my heart. This place goes by several names but it is most commonly known as Buffalo Wild Wings. Always open any time of year and at any time of day. There is no place better to escape after a game. The upbeat and loud atmosphere with the notion of greasy, fattening food is the perfect place to get over those post game blues.


I have spent many days and nights lounging myself in those hard wood chairs staring at the biggest projection screens your dreams could ever imagine. What food could I recommend to you? The wings obviously. They are bangin, and underrated in a sense to the quality of their existence. Two best flavors, Medium and Teriyaki, don’t @ me. Underrated items? The nachos and salsa. An American classic that can quickly evade even the best of restaurants, but BDUBS is quick on their toes and made it a quality dish to pre-game the post-game meal.


To end, you’re welcome, I know these tips are going to give you a new perspective on life and I wish you all the best in your eating adventures this upcoming Friday. Till next time.

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