Welcome to the Week 2 of the WV High School Football Season! These are the games that we believe are going to be the top games to watch this week.



#4 East Hardy at Frankfort (AA)


What to Know: East Hardy is a powerhouse Single A led by a outstanding receiver Brett Tharp, Frankfort is a division up and looks to show them who’s boss.



Webster County at Ravenswood


What to Know: Both schools had impressive wins to start the season and are beginning to garner votes to get inside the Single A top ten- this game matters.



Nicholas County at Shady Spring


What to Know: Shady is beginning to pull itself out of a drought lasting several seasons.  After a blowout win in week one, the Tigers will host the Grizzlies of Summersville to test themselves against an always unforgiving defense.



Hedgesville at South Hagerstown, MD



What to Know: Hedgesville begins the competitive part of their schedule without star linebacker Gavin Smoot.  If they want to make the playoffs, games like this need to be won.  His younger brother and Jonathan Garver will be big in their victory or defeat.





Riverside at #6 Capital


What to Know: Coach Davis has his Warriors humming like we thought after a solid MSAC blowout in week one.  Capital will host the Warriors coming off a tough loss to Johnson Central where Kerry Martin Jr. and Anthony Pittman performed well.  This is a measuring stick to see how good Riverside really is.



Buchannon Upshur at Ripley


What to Know: Robert Evans and the Vikings are beginning to push for playoff points.  Nate Tolliver and the Buccaneers are doing the exact same and are coming off a overtime win in week one.  This is a key momentum game for teams looking for playoff spots.



George Washington at Paul Blazer, KY


What to Know: After a late touchdown and interception sealed their fate against South Charleston, the Patriots look for a win in Kentucky.  We knew a tough schedule began their season and getting their first win will pay dividends.



#1 Mingo Central vs #9 Wayne


What to Know: We all saw Jeremy Dillon snap Point’s losing streak via hail mary.  Wayne is coming off their first win against Tolsia in two seasons.  Going down into Matewan is going to be a daunting task and the Miners have tons of momentum after a spectacular finish with a top team.





#7 Cabell Midland at #10 South Charleston


Tale of the Tape: MSAC competition is starting to heat up.  A high-speed spread offense will take on the aggressive knights of Ona.  Cabell Midland was downed by a very good Anderson team from Cincinnati.  Jovaun Light and Ivan Vaughn ran for 343 yards and three touchdowns.  Whereas the Black Eagles were saved late by a long run by QB Trae Murphy and an interception by DQ Watkins against a talented GW team.  Can SC’s line handle Cabell Midland?  That is a big question for two teams looking to gain a slew of quality points.



#8 Magnolia at #2 Williamstown


Tale of the Tape: Magnolia had a great 48-0 start to the season thanks to all-purpose Brooks Parsons.  They are looking to return to the top of Single A and a matchup with #2 Williamstown is a great way to do that.  The Jackets ran away from a solid Tyler Consolidated team thanks to the offense and defense of QB Carter Hayes and the running and catching of Donathan Taylor.  This is a monumental game and nearby rivalry which will matter most later in the season when seeding becomes key.



#7 Point Pleasant at #8 James Monroe


Tale of the Tape:  The Black Knights have no reason to come into week two with their head down.  Cason Payne and his posse had the defending champs defeated until the last play.  Payne was phenomenal passing and running.  However, last season, James Monroe came to their house in the playoffs and shut them out.  This time, it’s at the Mavs’ home.  A three-headed skill machine is beginning to show its head with Connor Moore, Grant Mohler, and Monroe Mohler.  This is an important AA game for both.


#4 Wheeling Park at #2 Bridgeport (AA)


Tale of the Tape:  A clash of divisions and dynasties.  Bridgeport showed us all in week one that they are still the Indians with a sound thumping of Lewis County.  They are known for their defense led by Chapin Murphy which always gives the offensive juggernaut of Wheeling trouble.  Rennie Clark and Nate Philips will most likely have to do more catching than running and Cross Wilkinson better prepare for some hard hits- this isn’t Brooke.  However, Wilkinson is one of the most experienced quarterbacks in WV and he’s played this team several times.  It will be a program versus a class Friday night.





#3 Spring Valley at #2 Huntington


Tale of the Tape: This is about as big as a game can get.  #2 vs #3 and also a very strong rivalry.  The two schools are nearby and feature some of the best talent in the state.  This includes our top two players in WV: Doug Nester and Darnell Wright.  Spring Valley is coming off of a first week bye which could mean a lot of built up angst.  Quarterback Derek Johnson and his running and passing weapons, Owen Porter and Jacob Cassidy, are preparing to make another run towards Wheeling.  However, Jadon Hayes has proven to be a fiend as he helped the Highlanders come back last week against Belfry, KY with five touchdowns.  This could tell us who the real contender from the south is.

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Tailgate Tuesday

Welcome welcome welcome to the newest edition of Tailgate Tuesday with all of us at Coalfields and Co. This week we have a the proper bangers to get you ready for the upcoming action this Friday. These are all essentials to make your gameday experience like no other and without further to do. Here is what you should do to make that happen.




The art of war by Sun Tzu is all about preparation and picking out the best place to fight your battle. This is no different with the selection of your pre-game meal.

TIP 1:

COMMUNICATE: Understand that without communication, you will not be able to get everyone on the same page. Scrambling at the last minute will get you no where and you’ll end up going to a crappy place and everyone hates you because you were in charge. Talk to the other people in your group, make them understand your vision, and then execute.

TIP 2:

PLAN AHEAD: Get ahead of the ball, do this tonight or in the morning. Get people moving in the right direction. TIME, PLACE, ACTION. Remember those key details while having this discussion, if there is a set time, at a set place, with good action, it’ll get you in the right mindset for the game. Prepare a pamphlet if need be, be prepared with backup plans just in case.

TIP 3:

DON’T HOLD BACK: Hype this up, get people excited for Friday. Make them anticipate what’s about to go down. Pull their emotions in a positive way to get them going. YOU AREN’T JUST EATING DINNER, YOU ARE EATING A FEAST!!

Always remember those three tips while planning your pre-game meal. Without proper preparation, you may end up going down the wrong path and get your Friday night off on the wrong step.


Top 5 Pizza Joints

Now this could be a heated discussion but one that we needed to have. Today, we are specializing in the Southern Part of the state on the best pizza restaurants in the area.

Pizza is the one food that anybody and everybody loves. Whether it was the pizza they offered at school lunch or the pizza that you made at your house. Pizza is a way of life for almost everyone I have ever crossed paths with. I wanted to tell you all about a few pizza spots that are not that known but are for sure worth the trip to have a pie. Now, I left off the chains, Dominos, Pizza Hut, Little Caesar; I wanted to tell you more about the home-grown spots that are popping up.

  1. Moe’s

A new addition to the region but not that known. Located in Athens, this small American Greek restaurant offers a pie that was surprisingly good, real good. Not ever having their pizza before after eating there many of times, it caught me off guard when someone told me that it was from Moe’s. When I had it, the surprise on my face spoke volumes of what was occurring in my mouth. A very solid pizza, worthy of the number five ranking on our list.

4.Bellacino’s – A square pizza, a pizza that comes from the heart. What can you ask more of this excellent pizza that has some of the top sauce around? This pie isn’t for everyone as it has a more doughy touch but it’s execution is excellent. Now it isn’t truly square but a classic circle, but it’s carved in a unique style that is second to none.
3.Beckley Little League Concession Stand Pizza – A Southern WV classic is this little piece of heaven. Growing up on the little square pizza’s in the tinfoil is one memory that almost everyone can cherish. What kind of childhood did you have without this in your life? It almost made baseball bearable for the most part knowing you’d get one of these for free after the game


Coming back from the dead a few years ago and a switch in management shot this gem up to number two on my list. I was always a little skeptical of this place when it first opened but it has really taken off. It’s starting to become the place to go on a Friday night when you’re in Beckley. The pizza is excellent and do not, and I mean do not skip out on their mini pepperoni rolls.

  1. Pies and Pints

To finish off our list of Pizza joints in our area is the one and only Pies and Pints Pizzeria in Fayetteville. It is the original, and no matter what anyone tells you, the other ones that are open(Charleston and Morgantown), do not compare to the original. With a large selection of different pies and a large beer menu, this is the place to end your day whether you are exploring the Gorge or just need a night out.

Post Game Meal of the Week:


A throwback to the playing days is the McDonald’s Drive Thru. Nothing is better than the feeling of victory, and the taste of 6 double cheeseburgers at the end of the day. You absolutely can’t skip on that large fry and milkshake either. Guaranteed to be one of the worst things you could eat after a game, this meal is one that I have dreamed in a nostalgic filled nightmare. One where I wish I could go back and eat like that without getting fatter than a chipmunk in October.

The Concessions Report


The bangin’ item found on the menu’s around the state this week is the taco in the bag. First found in the Wyoming County town of Oceana. A taco in the bag is exactly what you think it is. This isn’t a meal for the higher classed schools that don’t understand creativity but one where you go back to your roots. For those schools that keep producing masterpieces like these, keep doing you fam.


And that’s our tips for what you should do on Friday before, during, and after the games. Wish you all the best of luck in your travels and don’t forget to get after it.

Coalfields and CO. Week 1 Review

Well the first week has come and gone and Coalfields&Co. hit a home run on its Fight Card.  Both Main Events lived up to the billing.  Bluefield seemed outmatched, but this was the Beaver-Graham game, and forced a fumble on the goal line with a minute left.  Jeremy Dillon launched a precise hail mary to Dawson Elia with no time left to beat Point Pleasant.


Here’s a speed run through what happened around the state:


  • AAAAAAND STILLLL THE AA STAAAAAATE CHAMPS OFFF WV – Mingo Central lived up to the hype as they were basically out played, out hit, and out hustled but found the championship spirit to win the GAME!  At the end of the day, big time players make big time plays in big time games, and that is what exactly what happened.  Jeremy Dillon and Cason Payne, Mingo and Point’s QBs, combined for nearly 900 yards off offense and ten touchdowns.  Dawson Elia, touted Tug Valley transfer, proved his worth with a success on the ground and the epic snag to snap Point Pleasant’s 43-game regular season winning streak.
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  • Send a Message Game – Riverside had been hyped up and delivered.  The Warriors put up over 500 yards of offense against an improved Woodrow Wilson squad.  Mark Scites has proven to be a lethal weapon, and this is exactly the start Riverside wanted to build momentum.  Well, Coach Davis, it is there.  The message has been received.


  • Going Nowhere Game – Parkersburg, who looked pretty lackluster in the scrimmages, came out of the gate swinging to let everyone know they are still the Big Reds and should be respected as such.  They had a very stiff defense led by all-stater Brenton Strange; it was showcased.  St. Albans’ offensive coordinator Scott Tinsley is an offensive guru- holding an offense of his to that score is impressive and speaks volumes.


  • Upset Special of the Week – Notre Dame over Pendleton County.   Where did these guys come from?  Notre Dame’s Ryan LaAsmar could be one of the best in Single A football.  He’s tall, athletic, and has a decent arm.  He has a huge weapon in Joel Maurer, a gigantic receiver who might be uncoverable on deep routes.  Pendleton County isn’t the semifinal team of 2016, but they have good players such as all-around QB Kole Puffenberger.  They might not get a high seed, but they are dangerous.  Trust us.
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  • Prove US Wrong Game – At Coalfields and Company we have a motto – If you don’t like our picks and player reports – prove us right or prove us wrong!  Midland Trail lived up to the preseason hype.  They did both, backing up the hype, then defeating Independence who every writer and followers had picked.   Thomas Ferris was consistent on offense and the Trail defense dominated Independence early and often.  Independence has a schedule to recover.  However, right across the bridge Jordan Dempsey and the Fayetteville Pirates await a very anticipated Battle of the Bridge with Midland Trail.


  • Valley Rivalries – Chase Berry stepped in for the injured Chapmanville star QB, Adam Vance, and could not get the job done (though he passed for 189 and two scores).  Dylan Smith also performed well, but Sissonville is right back on track to being a top AA contender (watch out for those Weir boys again though).  Another valley battle had Hurricane spar with rival Winfield.  Curon Cordon proved his worth scoring on an electric return and offensive play where he reversed field.  Andrew Huff played well, but turnovers, penalties, and a stout Cooper-Shine Redskin defense were impressive.


  • Comeback Kids Game – Huntington, easily.  This was a huge comeback against a very good football team in an out of state game.  The game did not get started until after 9 o’clock, and man, did the Highlanders put on a show.  At one point, they were down three scores.  Jadon Hayes showed out.  He gathered 150 yards on the ground and five touchdowns as they marched back won by double digits.  Billy Seals has a great team- we at Coalfields and Company think they might be the only ones who can touch Martinsburg.
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  • Hate That We Told You So Games – Morgantown is still good.  North Allegheny is just really good and Stuebenville is probably even better.  A notable effort by lineman Jaden Wolfley of the Mohigans against some top recruited players.  In fight card matchups, Musselman and Williamstown were picked heavily against good teams- both delivered.  Musselman’s smash mouth offense with Northcraft, Robertson, and Rine can’t seem to regain the media’s respect, though, after their 2016 loss.  Bridgeport also dominated an always good Lewis County.


  • Rival Game Drama of the WEEK – Goes to G Dub and South Charleston.  DQ Watkins affected the game on both sides of the ball- perhaps, sending a message to us for leaving him off our preseason top player.  Grant Wells and his Patriots seemed in control until Trae Murphy, QB of the Black Eagles, blew it open with a late 70+ yard touchdown scramble.  Both teams seemed sloppy, a theme we noticed in scrimmages, however, if they polish it up we will see them both go to the second round or further like in 2016.


  • Surprising Openers – A slew of teams didn’t just win, but dominated.  Shady Spring, who has struggled for traction, whooped on Lincoln County 34-0.  Magnolia is returning their former selves after a destructive performance against Parkersburg Catholic (48-0).  Pocahontas County and Scott both were dominate as well.  Wayne and Parkersburg South also showed new waves of winning where as Jefferson was put down hard, unexpectedly.  Ripley and running back Robert Evans also showed promise against Parkersburg South.  Same can be said about Montcalm, Hampshire, and Ravenswood- all with good wins.
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  • Goal Line Stances of the Week – Goes to Buchannan Upshur for a last second win over Princeton, and Pikeview with their version of a goal line stand over a returning playoff team. Give Coach Pedigo of Princeont credit, he had the balls of the week going for the win on a two-point play, the right call, Buch-Up just defended it well.  And by gosh, Pikeview is going to make us eat our words as we challenged them to win two games this year.  Great start boys.  Oh yeah, if you didn’t see on TV, the Bluefield-Graham goal line fumble was bonkers.


  • 42-0 and 54-0 – Both half time scores of AAA power, Martinsburg, and A power, St. Mary’s were well ahead at the half.  Bagent, Jackson Jr., and Grantham popped off on Loudoun Valley, a good team from Virginia.  Even the Bulldogs’ JV held tight with them in the second half backing our humorous honorable mention spot.  On the other side of the state, Jaiden Smith tore through poor Ritchie County with four touchdowns and hundreds of offensive yards.


  • Losing Streaks Stand and Snap – Poca’s closest game of 2016 and most winnable of 2017 was all for not as Nitro beat them handedly pushing their losing streak to 38.  Ahead of them, Clay-Battelle mangled Hundred 48-8 pushing their’s to 39.  However, two teams snapped long streaks.  Philip Barbour and Oak Hill snapped two streaks that lasted multiple season on Friday.  Oak Hill’s was led by a phenomenal performance by Khori Bass with 300 yards of offense and three touchdowns.
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  • Noteworthy Performances – Kobie Carpenter, Lincoln, went against fellow top QB Heath Cottrill, Braxton County, and came out steadily throwing for 300+ yards and four touchdowns.  In out of state battles, the duos of Cabell Midland and Capital were both impressive: Jovaun Light, QB, and Ivan Vaughn, RB of the Knights and Kerry Martin Jr., QB, and Anthony Pittman, WR, of the Cougars.  Both lost close games.  Jaden Kuroski of East Fairmont scored three different ways (run, catch, pick) while Connor Moore of James Monroe scored four different ways (run, catch, pick, and return).


Week One Predictions

Week One

Football season is here!  We have picked out our top 13 games to watch around the state.  Four of our writers (El Writer, Writer2, Third Writer, and Wide Writer) have picked our winners/losers alongside our followers on Twitter.  We will keep score week in and week out to see who are the real football gurus.




Wheeling Park (El Writer, Writer2, Third Writer, Wide Writer, Followers)


Brooke (No one)




Tolsia (Writer2, Wide Writer)


Wayne (El Writer, Third Writer, Followers)




Musselman (El Writer, Writer2, Third Writer, Followers)


Spring Mills (Wide Writer)




Williamstown (El Writer, Writer2, Third Writer, Wide Writer, Followers)


Tyler Consolidated (No One)



Under Card


Belfry, KY (El Writer)


Huntington (Writer2, Third Writer, Wide Writer, Followers)




Bridgeport (El Writer, Writer2, Third Writer, Wide Writer, Followers)


Lewis County (No one)




Johnson Central, KY (El Writer, Third Writer, Wide Writer)


Capital (Writer2, Followers)




Independence (El Writer, Writer2, Third Writer, Wide Writer, Followers)


Midland Trail (No one)



Main Card


Sissonville (El Writer, Third Writer)


Chapmanville (Writer2, Wide Writer, Followers)




Winfield (El Writer, Third Writer)


Hurricane (Writer2, Wide Writer, Followers)




George Washington (Writer2, Third Writer, Wide Writer, Followers)


South Charleston (El Writer)




Mingo Central (El Writer, Writer2, Third Writer, Wide Writer, Followers)


Point Pleasant (No one)



Main Event


Bluefield (Third Writer, Wide Writer, Followers)


Graham (El Writer, Writer2)



Big Game Player Predictions

Quarterback: Jeremy Dillon, Mingo Central vs Point Pleasant

Runningback: Jacob Northcraft, Musselman vs Spring Mills

Wide Receiver: Brett Tharp, East Hardy vs Harrison Central, OH

Offensive Lineman: Grant Dickson, Winfield vs Hurricane

Defensive Lineman: Tyler Komorowski, Weir vs Oak Glen

Linebacker: Chase Goldsmith, Capital vs Johnson Central, KY

Defensive Back: Grant Harman, Martinsburg vs Loudoun Valley, VA


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Welcome to the Week 1 of the WV High School Football Season! These are the games that we believe are going to be the top games to watch this week.


#6 Wheeling Park – Brooke

WheelingParkPatriots0-0    VS    0-0BrookeBruins



#8 Tolsia – #11 Wayne

TolsiaRebels0-0    VS    0-0 WaynePioneers



#8 Musselman – Spring Mills

MusselmanApplemen0-0    VS    0-0 SpringMillsCardinals



#11 Tyler vs #3 Williamstown

TylerConsolidatedSilverKnights0-0    VS    0-0 WilliamstownYellowJackets




#3 Huntington – Belfry(KY)

HuntingtonHighlanders0-0    VS    0-0 belfry20football


#2 Bridgeport – #12 Lewis County

BridgeportIndians0-0    VS    0-0LewisCountyMinutemen



#2 Capital – Johnson Central(KY)

CapitalCougars0-0    VS    0-015480



Midland Trail – #13 Independence

MidlandTrailPatriots0-0    VS    0-0 IndependencePatriots




#9 Chapmanville – #4 Sissonville

ChapmanvilleTigers0-0    VS    0-0 SissonvilleIndians

Tale of the Tape:

Two conference foes come into the season with a promising campaign ahead of them. The clash between these two teams could set the tone in a very tough division right from the beginning.  Can Chapmanville’s passing attack be able to defeat the physicality of the Indians.


#7 Winfield Vs. #11 Hurricane

WinfieldGenerals0-0    VS    0-0 HurricaneRedskins

Tale of the Tape:

This is going to be a true war between two schools who do not care for each other one bit.  Winfield brings in their best team they’ve had in many years and Hurricane boasts one of the better defenses in Triple A.



#11 George Washington vs #13 South Charleston

GeorgeWashingtonPatriots0-0    VS    0-0SouthCharlestonBlackEagles

Tale of the Tape:

Two historically good teams who almost always put on a show in this opening match up. Once thought to be a high scoring affair, this is looking to be another defensive battle between these two giants of the valley.



#1 Mingo Central – #8 Point Pleasant

MingoCentralMiners0-0    VS    0-0 PointPleasantBigBlacks

Tale of the Tape:

We are finally getting able to see this happen. For years we have wanted these two teams to play and we have finally got it.  This is going to be the most physical game of the weekend for sure and the excitement for this game is through the roof. It’s going to come down to the playmakers for both sides and their capabilities to turn a game on top of its head.




#6 Bluefield Beavers – Graham G-Men

BluefieldBeavers0-0    VS    0-0 6a2f58e6-dc85-c9ae-7d3c038763ab3c82

Tale of the Tape:

What else can be said?  This is an American Tradition between two schools who’s love for football is matched by very few.  Both sides return great players and the amount of talent that is going to be on the field come Friday is going to be amazing.  Pride, tradition, and the love of the game will be in true fruition once those lights click on.