This is Home

No one can explain it, it’s tough to really talk about to people who aren’t from here. It’s a disconnection from the outside world. When you leave the area, even if it is just for a few days, you do have a slight sadness of missing home. I can only imagine what that feeling is like for those who are hundreds of miles away from here. For many of us, this is home, these mountains, these people. It’s cliché to say but it’s true. Even for those who are desperate to get out of here as soon as you can, there will forever be a piece of you that has grown with these mountains and grown with these people. There is always a piece of you that stays here, and there is always a piece of here that will go with you where you go. That is what lead us to starting this blog.

You can’t find better people than the people from the Mountain State. Being all over the country and many places around the world. Those who live in West Virginia are bar none to anywhere else. Our passion, work ethic, love for family and neighbors are one of a kind. It’s a special breed of people who love their athletics and love their hometowns. It gets shown over and over the type of people that we are. From the floods that ravaged the state in 2016 to the water disaster that struck a few years ago, and the many of mining disasters that plagued our history for hundreds of years. The type of people that make it through that, those that will literally give all that they have for a stranger, and the ones that care about their community stronger than anywhere in the nation. They have stories that never get told, that’ll never slide out of these mountains.


That is what we are trying to do…to tell those stories.


Friday night in West Virginia is special, entire towns and communities come out in droves to watch the games. When people see and hear how it is like you see in movies or read in books, West Virginia is one of those places where that truly occurs. Generations of families come out, where grandparents participated on the same fields many years ago and the same traditions still take place throughout the time. Where high school sweethearts now watch their children play on those fields. The place where tradition still has meaning in many of these backwoods places. Towns that will literally shutdown to go pack these old stadiums. A place where a game between two communities has bragging rights that go back 75 years and those that will last a life time. Where the smallest of schools in the state can make it feel like the biggest game in the country on a Friday Night by just how intense their love for their community, their school, and their people is.


That is what makes it special…because this is the only thing that many of these communities have.


That’s what we are trying to do, to show the rest of the world how much these communities love their schools. From the largest schools in the state pushing 2,000 students to the small community schools that barely have 500 people in the entire town. We want to tell their story, we want to put schools that never get talked about on the front page, we want to show the world why the Mountain State is an amazing state for athletics.

This is what we know…this is home.

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